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  1. gijsmans

    Macintosh SE with Lapis Displayserver card

    Thanks for taking the time to help. Unfortunately the Mobius driver doesn’t work. The monitors I connect don’t even show the sign of any signal. Either I really need the Lapis driver or maybe the card is dead somehow. Anyway, here some more photos.
  2. gijsmans

    Macintosh SE - Lapis Display Server driver

    I have a Macintosh Se with a Lapis Display Server video card. I have borrowed an Apple Portrait Display from a friend. Only thing missing is the correct driver for the Lapis Display Server card. I found it at https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video.shtml but the .sit file seems corrupted when...
  3. gijsmans

    How long does OS9 take to boot for you?

    Delete ALL aliases of network folders in your system folder.
  4. gijsmans

    Apple-branded "Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseT card" (PCI) "SA0025"

    I have this card in a Macintosh Server G3 333MHz. Works using standard Mac OS 9 installation.
  5. gijsmans

    IDE cards compatible with ATAPI?

    I have the PCI IDE card below from a G4. Works great.
  6. gijsmans

    MAC SE with 20MB HD - drive dead?

    I saved two out of two miniscribe drives but rotating the stepper motor by hand and adding some lubricant.
  7. gijsmans

    Macintosh SE with Lapis Displayserver card

    I have a Macintosh SE with Lapis Displayserver SE card. I found the drivers here: https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video.shtml Unfortunately the .sit file does not unstuff because it is corrupted. My questions. Does anyone have this card running and what monitors does it support? Only the...
  8. gijsmans

    iMac G3 slot loading doesn't fully eject CDs

    I fixed two slot loading iMacs. Just bend the top of the metal cd drive a bit up.
  9. gijsmans

    Succes: ATX PSU in Mac IIsi

    I have replaced a dead IIsi PSU with a used Fortron Source FSP300-60GHS 300W PSU which I got from our IT guys at the office. It runs great, very cool. It is a tight fit, I had to alter the original PSU metal case a bit. Of course the 300W is overkill but the Mac will only use what it needs...
  10. gijsmans

    Powerbook 140 screen contrast black

    Just acquired a PowerBook 140, previous owner was an old lady. Set includes everything including the original bill. Adapter the was failing, opened it and needs recapping, serious leaking. Bought new 7.5v 2a adapter. Boots from original System 7 install floppy. But screen is black, backlight is...
  11. gijsmans

    Portable and floppy emu

    I have removed the original Portable SCSI harddisk. The goo issue killed it. I love the total silent portable. The floppy emu works  great on the external floppy port. But it does not work on the internal floppy connectors. Am I missing something?
  12. gijsmans

    Portable display lines

    Did the recap. Everything works great. But the display has some lines. Like before the recap. Can it be solved? Checked the forum but could not find an answer. 
  13. gijsmans

    Example simple Portable battery re-build

    In this example the new 6v fits exactly in the empty old casing leaving some space at the ends. Connecting wires to the original metal clips makes it quick and simple. Be careful for short circuit while working on it :) . In the battery case everything is held in place by good double sided...
  14. gijsmans

    Macintosh Portable, what is R21 resistor value?

    I am restoring a Macintosh Portable 5120 (original) and have send the board to a technician who will recap the board. He sees resistor R21 looks bad too and measures an infinite value. He does not know what the value should be, can't read it anymore.  Could someone have a look at R21 and tell...