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    SCA to *IDE*? Sanity check please.

    I was searching out a SCA to 50 pin adapter and found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/CERRXIAN-Female-Adapter-Converter-Computer/dp/B09G27DNN4/ It claims to be a SCA to IDE adapter using a 50 pin header. I'm sure it's a typo but... was there a 50 pin IDE standard?
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    NuBus Processor Upgrade Hardware revamp?

    I've been puttering around with my Powermac 7100/66 and while they're a steadfast beast, it's a bit on the slow side. After finding a couple of PDS-mounted processor upgrades on eBay, I've kinda noticed that you can find the processor upgrade cards but never the chassis and flat flex cabling...