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    Help with Ethernet on 8.1 vs 7.5

    I have my Q605 working fine with open transport 1.3 on my 7.5.3 system. It gets an address via DHCP with ethernet. On another freshly installed image with 8.1 i can't get TCP/IP to get the DHCP server address. Not even in static address works. Any ideas of why it would not work under...
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    A/UX on a Quadra 605?

    Hi all, i have replaced my Q605 CPU with the one i had in my broken 840av. So it is running at 25Mhz WITH FPU. The Q605 is not listed in the compatibility list for A/UX. Is it dead in the water or is there anything that can be done to install it with some workaround?
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    Best file sharing option for Quadras in 7.x-8.1 ?

    Hi, i have my Quadra 605 now back from storage and it is working great. I upgraded the RAM to 132MB which is an overkill but for $19.995, why not :) I have blueSCSI and can boot from multiple OS versions. Found that the best OS for this machine seems to be 7.5.3, it runs faster and very...
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    Ideas on repairing Quadra 840av

    Hi all, first post here. I rescued an abandoned Quadra840av. When you press the power button, the LED turns on, power supply comes up, but no chime. I went ahead and recapped it with tantalums, found leakage in most electroytics, but not too bad. One trace was corroded and i bridged it...