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    Macintosh SE/30 System 7.5.3 & 8.1 HDA image for ROM upgraded Macs

    Good Morning, I have seen quite a few tutorials on how to install System 7.5.3 & 8.1 so I decided to create my own HDA image that will work on a bluescsi (and possibly other such devices) that will work for an SE/30 with an upgraded ROM (such as the MACSIMM or BMOW). The image has not been...
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    Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

    Good Evening Looking for some help with with an analog board issue I'm having. I recently acquired a Color Classic that doesn't power on. With the logic board removed, flipping on the power switch with it plugged in creates a constant clicking sound. Here is what I've tried thus far: Full...
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    Macintosh SE/30 Transformation

    I have always wanted a Macintosh SE/30 but the prices that they go for always seemed out of reach. I have been watching a lot of repair videos on them since it is an area of interest, then when one popped up for sale in "working just prior to listing but now not booting", I knew I had to go for...
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    Macintosh SE internal SCSI power but no read

    Good Morning - I have a Macintosh SE that I recently acquired, it has a 40MB Apple Quantum drive, when powered on, the disk spins but does not attempt to read. I opened the drive and made sure that the head isn't stuck and fixed the sticky head stops (they weren't very sticky but still worked...