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  1. mattsoft

    Portable 5120 (non-backlit) always goes to sleep

    Hi all - I picked up a Mac Portable and recapped the main board and am having an issue -- a story as old as time itself! The Portable wakes from sleep just fine and will boot, but as soon as the Finder comes up, I ALWAYS get the "No battery reserve power remains...Good Night." and then it goes...
  2. mattsoft

    Beige filament for 3D printing?

    Some time ago, someone posted a link to a source for PLA (or maybe it was ABS or PETG) filament for 3D printing that very closely matched the original platinum / beige color of older Macs. I should have bookmarked it when I saw it, but didn't. DOH! I've tried to find it, but cannot find the...
  3. mattsoft

    PowerMac G4 MDD 1.25GHz DP Upgrade

    Hi all - I have a PowerMac G4 MDD that is the dual firewire 400 model with dual 867MHz G4s on the CPU module. Just picked up a dual 1.25GHz CPU module off of eBay and plugged it in and nothing. Plugged the 867MHz module back in and all is good again. I opened up a return with the seller and he...
  4. mattsoft

    G4 Cube VRM Smoke

    I picked up a G4 Cube and plugged it in and smoke started coming out of the top! No video on the screen, and the power light was flashing. I yanked the power and the smoke stopped. I pulled the core out of the case and on the back of the VRM, one of the tantalum (?) capacitors had blown clear...
  5. mattsoft

    Performa 630 J14 connector?

    Picked up a couple of Performa 630 computers and one of them had a motherboard I had never seen before. In addition to 2 memory slots, it also has a connector at J14 that looks like the video-in slot but smaller. I don't see this referenced in the service manual. Does anyone know what this is...
  6. mattsoft

    iMac G4 recap

    After seeing some nasty caps on a beige G3 Power Mac, I decided to open up my beautiful iMac G4 and check the caps. A quick visual inspection looked good, but you know what can lurk beneath. I removed a few of the SMDs and sure enough... While there wasn't any liquid on the board, there were...
  7. mattsoft

    Yet Another Dead Beige G3 Desktop

    Picked a beige G3/266 desktop some time ago, listed as working, however when I plug it in, it is dead. The fan on the PSU powers up, but the power LED does not, no power chime, the HDD or CD drive do not power on either. Bad PSU? So time to start troubleshooting... Measured the voltages...
  8. mattsoft

    Dual 800k SE Floppy Issue

    I've got this dual 800k SE with a peculiar floppy issue. Both 800k drives work great when plugged in by themselves to either the upper or lower connector on the mainboard. However, when I connect both up at the same time, the floppy drive connected to the upper connector is very, very, very...
  9. mattsoft

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    Been looking for one of these for a while, and one showed up locally for $100. Thought I'd offer him $80 -- decent enough deal? Thought it would look nice with some Macs on it. The Scanco MacTable!
  10. mattsoft

    IIci 74HC132

    This is a dumb request, but I'm hoping someone here has replaced 1 or both of the 74HC132 ICs in the IIci and can point me at the correct IC to order. I purchased a couple from DigiKey and they ended up being the wrong size. Derp. Thanks!
  11. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto a big haul of Macs. Most of them were rusted through, but many were quite nice. In amongst them was a IIfx masquerading as a IIx. The case was horrible, but the motherboard looked nice. So I started searching for a replacement case and stumbled on a...
  12. mattsoft

    Solder mask or corrosion?

    I've got this IIfx motherboard that has no battery leakage and all tantalums except for 2 SMDs near the back right of the board. The SMDs show very little sign of leakage. However, on the back of the board, every single via has a blue-green hue consistent with leaky cap corrosion. I cannot find...
  13. mattsoft

    AppleColor 13" RGB Monitor Red Shift

    Greetings all - Picked up some Mac stuff and in the pile was a very yellowed AppleColor 13" RGB monitor. The CRT has a very nice, sharp image, with great geometry and brightness, but the screen is shifted red. Check out the attached picture. The desktop is the standard grey pattern. Having...
  14. mattsoft

    Found IIcx with Daystar CPU adapter

    Received a small lot of 68k Macs and amongst them was a IIcx (the only IIcx) with the CPU removed and a socket in its place with a Daystar adapter board presumably for a DayStar Digital accelerator card (which I did not receive). Having never seen a IIcx in real life, I was surprised to see the...
  15. mattsoft

    Quadra 605 motherboard in LC III case?

    Can anyone confirm that the Quadra 605 mainboard fits an LC III case without any modification? Thanks!
  16. mattsoft

    Power Mac G3 worth it?

    A local seller is offering a Power Mac G3 in working condition for $50. This is the original beige desktop model, with built-in ZIP drive. Never had one of these BITD, instead opting for the cheaper iMac back then. But looking at it now, it looks pretty cool with PCI slots, CD, floppy, and ZIP...
  17. mattsoft

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    I have an SE that when powered on does not make a chime and displays these lovely horizontal lines. Initial inspection of the motherboard looks good. Anyone familiar with these symptoms? Gonna check voltages next. Thanks!