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  1. belgaonkar

    PM/WS 8500 needs AV module to boot?

    I recently purchased a Workgroup Server 8550 Prototype on eBay, when I received the machine the AV card was dangling outside the case and the cable was fed through expansion card slot. I tried removing the AV module as it was an eye-sore and I will never use it, but now it refuses to post. The...
  2. belgaonkar

    Odd LC II Motherboard

    Piggy backing on the other "odd" motherboard posts, Ive found an LCII board at the flea that is missing some of regular LCII markings.  Firstly, the 4 main ICs have hand written tags on them. I haven't seen an LCII with these type of stickers. Secondly, the motherboard's serial number sticker...
  3. belgaonkar

    SE/30 Graphics failure after MOBO wash

    I got a steal on an SE/30 for $30 last weekend. When I went to the sellers house, the machine was fully working (without any audio). I took it home and opened it up to remove the battery as well as replacing all the caps. I ordered the caps online and washed the lobo in warm water to remove any...
  4. belgaonkar

    Simasimac Not Going Away After ReCap on SE/30

    Hi all, When went to purchase the SE/30 (2 months ago) it booted right up and showed the dead hard drive symptoms but had no hint of "simasimac". I put the machine in 72F climate controlled storage and just recently got around to replacing the hard drive and testing the machine when I noticed...
  5. belgaonkar

    Painted 512k Restoration

    I posted the link to a painted 512k on CL yesterday. I went and grabbed it today and began accessing the damage. The machine came with the original cary bag and mouse. It also included an optical mouse that plugs into the Macs serial mouse port.  I powered it up and looks like we have some crt...
  6. belgaonkar

    Powermac G4 Identity Crisis

    Picked up this 400MHz "PCI" Powermac G4. System profiler says this is a "Powermac G3" but it is in a G4 case with a G4 processor. Not sure what this thing is. Did apple just not bother to change the system Id? Sorry about the image. Guess it's not my lucky day.
  7. belgaonkar

    SE/30 Zebra Strip

    I recently got an SE/30 in a giant lot of Macs for $100 from a older gentleman. This specific SE/30 has 32MB of RAM and a 50MHZ Diimo 030 accelerator. After speaking to him, he apparently developed a couple of programs for the SE/30 and so the upgrades were justified. When I powered it up, a...
  8. belgaonkar

    FREE Boxed Mac 128K!

    Yesterday I saw an ad on CL for a free 128k, I immediately emailed the seller and asked to setup a time. When I got to his house he threw in an extra keyboard, mouse, floppy drive (Harvard stamped) and a bunch of other software. The 128k was upgraded to a 512k, and he even included the screw...
  9. belgaonkar

    Modifying System ID in Open Firmware

    Hello all, I am looking to install Mac OS 10.5 Leopard on my iBook G3 Clamshell with a G4 swap. Ive clone a fresh copy of 10.5 from my QS and have verified it is bootable. Upon boot up it throws a kernel panic saying "no driver found for a powerbook 2,1". The Mac itself is a 533MHZ G4, and is...
  10. belgaonkar

    Installing a Fan in a iBook G3 Clamshell

    My iBook G4 Clamshell seemed to be running very hot and during OS installs it would freeze up. I looked online but couldn't find anyone who had actually installed a fan in a clamshell. The built-in heatsink seems to cool the G3 fine, but with a G4 its not cutting it. So I went online and bought...
  11. belgaonkar

    Cloning software for Mac OS 9.2.2

    Im looking for software to mass clone my Mac OS 9.2.2 install on my iMac G4 to IDE hard drives. Some of the iBooks I own have dead hard drives and instead of reinstalling the OS on each and every machine, Id like to just clone a 9.2.2 install onto the iBook.
  12. belgaonkar

    ANS 700

    Thanks to nuvision I was lucky enough to purchase an ANS 700. Its been a dream computer of mine for a while now, but its got a few issues.  First off it's missing the SCSI CD ROM Drive- if any one has a spare please let me know. Secondly it is missing the key and thus I cant open it up to look...
  13. belgaonkar

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    Hello, I recently (today) was able to secure 106 iBook G3 Clamshells. Obviously I can't keep all of them, so Id like to share the joy with everyone. In the upcoming months (or years) Ill probably list some of them on eBay and hold giveaways on 68kmla. Although I understand this site is meant...
  14. belgaonkar

    belgaonkar's conquests

    Given my recent purchases I decided to start a conquest page. There are lot of other macs (newer than 2005) that were purchased, but aren't as interesting. Apple III Powerbook 550c Macintosh SE Superdrive iPhone 5c Proto iPad Air 1 Proto Lime iBook Clamshell Powermac G3 B&W Server ...
  15. belgaonkar

    Quadra 700 W/ Brown Motherboard

    I found a Quadra 700 with a brown Motherboard, i have never seen a brown MoBo Quadra. I think the code name was Sipke PVT for the Quadra 700, but that featured a red MoBo. What do you guys think this brown Quadra 700 is?