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    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    Did you install the AirTalk extension? At least, I’m assuming that installing an extension is a prerequisite for AirTalk showing up in the Chooser (just like there are extensions for different Chooser printer drivers and AppleTalk).
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    MacOS 7.7 Prototype Drive Imaging

    I believe hda’s are just raw disk images. dd on a *nix OS is probably your best bet
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    Asante Mac Con SE and MacTCP

    Out of curiosity, can you telnet to servers on the Internet from one of your modern machines? I’m wondering if maybe your ISP is blocking less commonly used protocols.
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    A Color Classic saga

    A number of folks here have recommended a plastic solvent called Weld On 2354. If you use the search function you’ll find other threads discussing it. That might be your best bet, but I don’t have any personal experience with it.
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    Reverse engineering the LC II Logicboard

    Sounds great - I thought that was probably the case, just wanted to check (and had to remind myself that you’d done the LC II). Thanks!
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    Reverse engineering the LC II Logicboard

    @max1zzz Any chance you can post this board (and the IIcx one) on your GitHub along with your LC and LC III? Thanks!
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    LC Developer Note?

    Does anyone have a copy of the LC Developer Note? I found the LC II one, but it points to the LC one for a lot of details since their architectures are so similar. So far my Google-fu hasn’t turned up anything.
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    Test Mac Plus floppy drive while external?

    Zero track sensor
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    Using Zip drive as HDD for Macintosh Plus

    Glad you got it straightened out and that everything is working!
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    Anyone interested in Apple's old FTP site for vintage systems?

    Out of curiosity, how big is that archive? Would you be willing to let others clone/mirror it if we could coordinate an appropriate time and method to do so?
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    Test Mac Plus floppy drive while external?

    It should be fine. The drive electronics are grounded through the cable. I tested a drive for my SE the same way the other day.
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    Can anyone ID this RAM?

    It looks like it has 32, 256k x 1-Bit DRAMs, which would make it a 1 MB SIMM. What’s unclear to me is how the 32 DRAMs are muxed into a 30-pin SIMM, which only has 8 data bits. Maybe those other two chips do some sort of chip select decoding based on address? Not sure. Either way, I think you’d...
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    SCSI termination and internal/external drives

    SCSI buses need to be terminated at both ends. Since the SE/30 only has one bus that’s shared between the internal connector and the external connector, you should always leave the internal drive terminated. When you connect an external drive, that drive should be terminated as well. If you have...
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    Macintosh 128K "Thin Mac"

    A working 128k with keyboard, mouse, and external drive, plus a bonus 2009 iMac for $240? Seems pretty reasonable to me.
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    Wanted: Cap list for M1212 Macintosh Color Display

    There’s this list at TinkerDifferent. I have an M1212 I need to recap, but haven’t tried yet, so can’t vouch for it. https://tinkerdifferent.com/resources/macintosh-color-display-m1212-capacitor-list-1-645-346-13.25/
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    Dual monitor with IIci?

    Glad you got it working!
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    MacSD in an LC630

    Sounds like a neat project. Yes, as far as I know any Mac with a SCSI bus can boot from a SCSI drive, even if that Mac also shipped with an IDE hard drive. You should be fine.
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    NETWORKING HELP—Trying to get my SE (OS 7.1) to talk to my Mac Plus (OS 6.0.8)

    That cable is probably a Mac serial (Mini-DIN 8) to PC serial (DB-25). The only 25 pin port on the back of the Plus is a SCSI port, which is not electrically compatible with a serial port. I’d unplug it right away and not try to use that cable for this purpose. Hopefully nothing was damaged. A...
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    It looks like the TashTwenty Tiny by @demik can be used internally or externally - is that correct? Does it come with the ribbon cable to connect the internal header to the DB-19 board?
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    Using Zip drive as HDD for Macintosh Plus

    I could be wrong, but I believe that the Z100P2 is actually a PC parallel port drive - the Mac SCSI version is the Z100S2, which has the SCSI ID and termination switches. I’d disconnect the Zip drive immediately - hopefully the SCSI chip on the Mac hasn’t gotten damaged.