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  1. slomacuser

    Rasterops Accelerator

    Thanks to @NeshireChoir I finally got the Rasterops Accelerator a 12" NuBus card. Looks like Rasterops made 2 versions, I and II in the same year (1990). I have version I and found quickly what was wrong with version I. It was not designed to be put into compact Mac II like IIcx or IIci. The top...
  2. slomacuser

    All about Apple PC 5.25" Drive (A9M0110)

    The Apple PC 5.25 Drive may be used with a Macintosh® SE or Macintosh II to transfer data between 5.25-inch MS-DOS®-formatted disks and 3.5-inch Macintosh-formatted disks. What you need to use it: • A file transfer program such as Apple File Exchange. • One of the following expansion...
  3. slomacuser

    Photoshop Accelerators - DSP

    I wanted to do some test like in Macworld April 1994, Photoshop Accelerators page 127. So the test machine was a Quadra 650, 104 MB RAM, 500 HD, System 7.1, with System Update 3.0. LCD monitor recognised as Apple 13 inch 640x480 monitor driven by Rasterops 24STV graphic board. All test were...
  4. slomacuser

    ThunderStorm, Thunder II GX, DSP multiple processor run

    I have 2 Thunder II GX cards and one ThunderStorm DSP card. All this cards have two AT&T DSP 16A chips. I tried to run all 6 processors at the same time but that doesn't work. Mac use only the first card that is installed nearest to the PSU and use only that one. The ImageProccessor control...
  5. slomacuser

    Macintosh IIci RAM configuration

    I want to set mine IIci for 20 MB RAM as below on graph the BANK B is 4x 1MB and BANK A is 4x 4MB. But notes contradict the graph with "For best performance with on-board video, put the smaller SIMMs in BANK A. So what is right position now? BANK B 4x 1MB, BANK A 4x 4MB or BANK B 4x 4MB, BANK A...
  6. slomacuser

    Rasterops PhotoPro NuBus card

    There is absolutely no info about this card anywhere on the net. Looks like it is a JPEG Compress/Decompress card and probably speeds Photoshop plug-ins like Thunder Storm Photoshop Booster. There is a processor LR33000MC - 33 MHz chip on. Is this some kinda DSP processor? Would this card speed...
  7. slomacuser

    National instruments Se/30 card?

    Any idea what was this card used for? GPIB SE/30 National instruments 1990
  8. slomacuser

    NuBus RasterOps 24STV drivers

    Looking for original drivers for NuBus RasterOps 24STV card, running on Quadra 650 with System 7.1 Allready tried:  RasterOps Graphics Install v3.2 RasterOps Graphics Install v3.3 - 1994 MoviePak - Disk 1 - Disk 2 - Disk 3 MoviePak2 - Disk 1 - Disk 2 - Disk 3 VideoTime - Disk 1 - Disk...
  9. slomacuser

    Powermac G4 MDD, 1.25 RAM, 1.25 MHz

    Help me decide
  10. slomacuser

    The Miracle Piano Teaching system

    Pretty neat and well preserved. For $70.
  11. slomacuser

    Formac Proformance III Quickdraw acceleration

    I have installed Formac Proformance III graphic card in Powermac 9600 and tried with sys 7.6.1 and 8.6 with the same result. When enabling the quickdraw acceleration it distorts the screen. So it is unusable. Any idea or experience with this cards?
  12. slomacuser

    CPU Thermal paste for old machines

    What paste do you use? I have 7100, 6100, G3 and some other Mac's that needs new thermal paste. How many grams for 2-4 CPU's. Method of applying: dot, line, cross, ... I have found this paste Akasa Termalna pasta akasa AK-455 - 1,5G - just for 1,50 EUR in discount offer, what do you think...
  13. slomacuser

    Miro Rainbow GX PDS graphic card

    I can't find any info or drivers for this card. It was taken from Quadra 650. How much faster is PDS than NuBus?
  14. slomacuser

    Looking for ixMicro Ultimate rez drivers

    Looking for a PCI graphic card drivers, found something on the net but it lost resource fork ...
  15. slomacuser

    Lot of Macs and peripheral too much to count ...

    I got email one day from a friend Apple Certified Master, take all or it will go to trash. I could not resist to take it all but I got threatened by my girlfriend to leave, so I have to clear stuff as soon as possible. If anybody is looking for a parts, bezels, cards, whole machine let me know...
  16. slomacuser

    Floppy drive on macOS sierra

    I can confirm it works! Transfering files from modern to old looks like it can be done for just $10. It didn't work on OS X 10.4 and G5.
  17. slomacuser

    Picture of LC I case - not a duall floppy case

    Never seen it before. Here it is :) (Found it on FB Mac group, somebody is selling it from Greece)
  18. slomacuser

    Who can list all extensions on a picture?

    I know the standard ones that came with the OS - QuickTime, Color Picker, Sound Manager, Speech Manager, Now Utilities also, Iomega, After Dark, ... what are the others, and what they do? 
  19. slomacuser

    Twiggy Mac Chart

    Well I wanted to do a simple chart to visually show difference between Lisa, Twiggy and final release Mac. In 1983 a lot has happened in development of a Mac, to list a few: Apple Introduced Lisa in January 1983. After the introduction of Apple Lisa, Bill Atkinson joined the Mac team and...
  20. slomacuser

    Running LC without FAN?

    I have replaced the scsi drive with sd card, so the only sound is coming from fan attached to the bottom case. What do you think, would be ok running it without? Is the 68020 without fpu hot? And the PSU of 60W shouldn't be either? That would be nice like Mac Plus quiet machine but in color.