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  1. Tam 400

    Blast from the past,II/C stuff

    Wasn't sure wher to put this,Maby a few of you may rembemer using these programs,hope this link works. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fKAbOv-Ceqc28Flj0J1kW_NQ8OPdeKFb just looked at this gallery,an there's a few missing,ill add them back. cheers
  2. Tam 400

    Super rare Macintosh II Daystar PDS adapter

    Just did a big clean out,found my Daystar,it's 030 not the 40.i don't have a Mac to put it in know.ijust kept most of the real rare stuff. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XLzl2bU7cdVmpGaTZvNVc2bEk
  3. Tam 400

    840AV and 660AV: are the ROMs identical?

    Hey,pulled out my 660AVs an took a look,well they were empty,no ram an no Rom,I've bin looking at a lot of this stuff lately,old times an do rembemer that the norm! Was if it fit in the slot it should work,But! Didn't all ways work,some were fusse than others. Depending on SYS an what hard ware...
  4. Tam 400

    Old Games an Apps

    This is a list of games from a CD-1994,There are Apps- Games -and a Power Mac folder. heres a text list of just the games.you may see something you use to play back then, ill post the rest later. Abalone1.4 Add ons Adventure AdventureII AJ Home 1.0 Amps 3.2.1 Amusements Angband 2.0.3 Arcade...
  5. Tam 400

    Tangerine 300 IBook

    I've got 2 tangerine IBooks that are locked at start up,any one ever deal with this.will not boot to CD. I believe there Panther on them.Thanks all https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XLzl2bU7cdaWdIUlVmOUNRdXM
  6. Tam 400

    512 Port

    Got this 512,never have boot it up to see what this port is,Display or SCSI is my guess. Just wondering what you guys thought are,any body ever used this on a 512. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XLzl2bU7cdR1d1blJJYVdhOGM
  7. Tam 400

    14" AppleAudiovision

    K i found it,Funny to watch my old movies,it was made in 03 and i use a Photoshop  plugin to talk the cam. ill load the movie up to the cloud an post it. the video is not real good but you can see what is going on,heres a few screen shotsi .the display is a 1710AV Apple audiovision just like...
  8. Tam 400

    14" AppleAudiovision

    Hi all New here so i didnt want to? over post.an This is a great site by the way,love it! Back to this post,it was ?Kinda a set up, but the ports on the side is a Keyboard ADB 4 pin and a direct AV/Serial for a Camera.it took me 7years to figger it out,with all the experts that were around me...
  9. Tam 400

    14" AppleAudiovision

    This is a 14" Apple Autiovision display,Theres a ABD port-(keyboard)- on the side of the display. That port had a picture of a Camera on it,an was for a Early Dig/cam,like a Quick take.You needed a lot of cableing an Software to make it all work.Back in the day it was a lot of $$.Heres one i...
  10. Tam 400


    Yep! It's a Real!-- 040/68030-DayStar card,and I have a few Quadra and some SE that I have used it in. Have everything to make it run,an then some. Enjoy.
  11. Tam 400

    520c on line

    Hi new here,This is a 520c i had on line at Xmass time 2015,am a collector,an have many Vintage Macs. cheers