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  1. bluekatt

    flashed video card

    i managed to flash one of my video cards an nvidia geforce 3 ti 200 for the quicksilver it works just fine but when the Qs boots and displays the grey apple screen said screen is al garbelded is there a reason for this and something i can do about it ? the QS is now humming...
  2. bluekatt


    picked up a 2001 quicksilver recently with a new psu 512 mb of ram 60 gig hd and a sad sad ati rage 128 16 mb video card for 50 euro 733 mhz i upgrade the ram to 1 gig when i got it home and other then the sad excuse for a video card which i want to replace its...
  3. bluekatt

    reflashing a pc videocard

    recently i got my hands on a 2001 QS 733 with a vile ati rage 128 pro card with a piddly 16 mb ram and the rage 128 just decided to die ...typical as it happens i actually happen to have four spare video cards 3 agp and one pci an radeon 7000 32 mb ( pci ) an ati...
  4. bluekatt

    pentium 3 xeon

    just the chip and the voltage regulator from the IBM server it came from not a whoel work station so yes i got my hands on a pentium 3 xeon 1266 mhz 512 kb l2 133 mhz fsb 1,45 V which forms the heart of my franken pc slapped together from the parts of at least 3 other...
  5. bluekatt

    ibook G4 800 mhz

    i got my hands on a used ibook G4 800 mhz 384 mb ram 20 gig hd 12 inc screen 32 mb ati vid card it can join the other two who are both 500 mhz G3's
  6. bluekatt

    wallstreet and cardbus usb

    i have a wallstreet wel several wallstreets and unfortunaly no means of getting data from their hard drives other then a zip disk module ( but no zip disks ...go figure) and i have been seeing several reasonable prices usb 2.0 cardbus cards from sitecom and trust before i buy...
  7. bluekatt

    emac and a wonky combo drive

    now this ere emac i got my hands on has a problem ( doesnt it always ?) it works fine other for the fact that it spits out any cd i put in there orginal or cd-r dvd or audio it spins them around for a bit and then ejects them fortunally i have an external dvd writer which reads...
  8. bluekatt


    no not an asus EEE but an emac 700 mhz 640 mb ram 40 gig hd and a wonky combo drive you wil hear more about and a ibm thinkpad 700 mhz no adapter no hd but a gorgeous keyboard ...i think i have a new favorite
  9. bluekatt


    bought a brand new intel imac core 2 duo 17 inch i was going for a 20 inch aluminium imac but i saw this white monster for 899 blow out price because it was the last one they had in stock and i went for that so far i am happy withit apart from that damn build in i sight camera
  10. bluekatt

    tiger cd's

    i have a small problem that cropped up recently with my tiger cd's i get an error when the installer checks the first cd and it says the cd si damaged or dirty when i pull it out there si nothing on the disk its as clean as can be if i press through with the installation it wil half...
  11. bluekatt

    my classic

    has gone from godawfull system 6 to system 7.0.1 which is equally awfull but less awfull at least i got more choice in software now it reads floppies with out whining too much ( getting 7 took a herculenan task of digging my pm 6100 up from its coffin formatting 6 floppies using...
  12. bluekatt

    ibooks and the net

    my ibooks are quite frankly driving me to the brink of what is left of my sanity i have been busy for a week to try and get them online ( usinga direct cable modem line no routers or anything in between just a straight cable) and not a bloody thing happens via my imac G5 it...
  13. bluekatt

    minor conquests

    apart from the se\30 i also managed to bring in a 4400 ( free ) a IIvx ( free) 2 external scsi cd rewriters one lacie one plextor photoshop elements toast 5 and several games including sim city sim city 2000 full throttle klingon honor guard myst
  14. bluekatt

    se\30 with image writer II

    i finally got my hands on a much vaunted se\30 i dont car emuch for the image writer but it comes with it it seems to be running system 7 with software still on it ...right break out the tools i am going to install a scsi cdr in it
  15. bluekatt

    ibook 500 mhz

    i got a 500 mhz ibook here which i orginally intented to buy to swap the logic board out and put it in my 800 mhz but i am having second thoughts now the 800 mhz is working just fine with a shim and i am looking in to the posibilites of getting this 500 mhz working again it...
  16. bluekatt

    myopic mini

    (think its easy to think crap titles up like this ? ) anyway i got a friend who has a mini who seems to be in a spot of trouble i dont have the mini on hand but she told me the mini is stuck in a restart loop computer keeps requesting to restart before the log in screen is reached...
  17. bluekatt

    ibook dual usb 500

    got my hands on a ibook 500 mhz with out an hd and a wonky cd drive for 60 euro best of all its logic board is in fine working condition with some luck i can swap it out in to my 800 mhz ibook if not il need to scrounge up a 2,5 hd
  18. bluekatt


    i stumbeld about a cube (not mine btw ) who had an interesting problem its dvd player was set to region 1 and sertting it to region 2 was easy enough except it needed to reboot it reboots goes to open firmware and then you manually have to typ ein mac-boot where it greets...
  19. bluekatt

    the logic of ibooks

    i have a 12 inch ibook G3 800 mhz who has ( surprise surprise ) the dreaded logic board failure desease its running now with a shim made of 2 cd's who are so large the under side is bulging ( that cant be good ) and i plan to either make a proper metal shim or reach for the...
  20. bluekatt

    pci cards

    i got 2 new ones 7 inch and a whopping 12 incher and they come with cables now not only that fullsoftware cd's ms dos floppies system utilities and manuals as well now all i need is a beige G3 to stuff all this in does the 7 incher fit in a tam ?