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  1. NickNick

    G4 Quicksilver wont turn on

    Agree. Actually thought about running it through the wash again but for longer, not just quick rinse. Plus I need to check for the solder joints as stated above by another member. I didn't see a lot of corrosion but there was what looked like mouse pee on the board (my cats loved the machine...
  2. NickNick

    Local network on Quadra 900

    This is what I do to transfer files from one Mac to another and onto PC's. If your house has a network this should work as long as each computer is connected to the net via ethernet cables. System 7.1 through OS 9.2.2 is needed to work, as well as your apple control panels like AppleTalk and...
  3. NickNick

    G4 Quicksilver wont turn on

    Thank you so much for your assistance! This is my first quicksilver in my collection, this style Macintosh case is my favorite starting with the G3 towers. I actually put the logicboard through the dishwasher yesterday as I thought what you just said that there was still gunk left somewhere...
  4. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Thank you so much. I do need to get some 90 percent as I currently have 70 percent. By the way I did feel it was the processor or surrounding area, as I took everything out and tired each individual component out into a good motherboard. All but the processor as I was afraid of harming a good...
  5. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Well I believe you might be onto something as I re-sat everything including the processor and the machine that didnt produce any noise made a bong noise out of both speakers. I know that monitor works as I took the working logic board caddy out of one and tired in the other. I still suspect the...
  6. NickNick

    G4 Quicksilver wont turn on

    Recently I won a quicksilver G4 Power Macintosh for a good price stated as parts. Took a chance and it does not work. Was badly taken care of seemed to have been left out in a barn as there was mouse stuff inside of it. Literally took the whole thing apart and cleaned everything. Here's the...
  7. NickNick

    G4 MDD not booting

    Have you tried a different ram simm? I'm working on a G3 which had ram and gave a bong but would not boot. Turned out it was bad ram causing the system to not boot. Try replacing the ram with a good stick.
  8. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Hmm...I too would have assumed that it would test all components before startup chime. I will try the resetting things with the processor and the cache dimm. I did read about the G3mobos having overclocking ability which I did locate and appears to have been left alone but it could as well need...
  9. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    I did swap them out to test the other machine. It too does work just there is an issue with the logic board. Kind think perhaps the processor went on it. Would it make a boot chime if the processor was bad?
  10. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Update: So I have been messing about with these machines. Found out that both machines actually do give a boot chime but faintly. I swapped the caddy's out between the machines just to try out different scenarios. In one machine the sound works and gives a boot chime but the other one does not...
  11. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Hey thank you for the replies!! Yes the original HDD is still in the machine and in fact needs to come out as in both machines they both make noises. Good point with the CD thing. I have a few installers OS 8.1, OS 9 and OS 9.2.2. I will give that a go. Thank you so much Wayne I also didnt...
  12. NickNick

    G3 AIO Molar Macs wont start

    Hello there. So I recently acquired two G3 Molar macs from a friend. Both were stated as having screen issues. Neither of them work. One will give a mac bong and the other wont. Both will power on and display the green led and I can hear the fans spin up as well as the HDD's on both machines. I...
  13. NickNick

    MDD Power Mac G4 freezes upon boot up

    Hey there. So I have an issue with my power mac G4 MDD the 876 MHz model. Recently won a bid for two, one works great this one, not so much. Had to replace both hard drives as they just clicked. Installed mac OS 9.2.2 for MDD power macs on them. The one machine works perfect, the 876mhz one wont...
  14. NickNick

    Performa 476

    Morning all. So recently dug out the Macs again and as always one gives issues. Another 476 is exhibiting the same exact symptoms as another LC 475 I have. They both start up give happy bong, then chimes of death. Both of them do the exact thing. Its always the 475's - 6's it seems like. Anyone...
  15. NickNick

    Playing audio cd's

    Hi everyone. Have a question. Is it possible to pop in an audio CD and have it played through the Macintosh? I have not been able to get this to work on any machine that did not physically come with a CD rom drive built in. Am I missing something here or??? I mostly want this for the pizza...
  16. NickNick

    Macintosh II and system 7.0

    Greetings. Thank you all for help getting the Macintosh II up and running. I installed 8 megs of memory in it using 8 1mb simms, it had 2mb in it to begin with using all 8 simm holders. Those memory chips seemed smaller than the ones I am  using now. Anyways I have system 7.0 on it and it works...
  17. NickNick

    Macintosh II

    Heyyy all. Whats up? So, I have this Macintosh II computer which I re-capped the MoBo, snipped the batteries off and the machine starts every time with the battery jump method but wont boot. As I understand the diskette drive in there is only an 800k one and the Macintosh II wont take a 1.44 mb...
  18. NickNick

    Perhaps a bad speaker? G3 desktop Macintosh

    Hi there. Was wondering if anyone has heard of Macintosh speakers going bad. I have a G3 desktop Macintosh with the oblong speaker in that beige casing. Anyways turning the volume up makes it sound bad, almost like the voice coil is blown but I hear no rubbing from the speaker by manually moving...
  19. NickNick

    Greenish tinted screen Macintosh Centris 650

    Hello. Was wondering if anyone out there knew what would cause a Centris 650 to have a green tint to everything on the screen. Even the grey start up screen has a green tint; Like a light green, pea green tint. I tried it on a CRT monitor as well as an LCD monitor. Both yield the same results...
  20. NickNick

    Macintosh IIci

    Hey there! Have an odd question and am wondering if it is at all possible. I have a dead Macintosh IIci that has been recapped but still does not want to boot. Gives half of a chime and turns off. It keeps doing this. Anyways I was wondering if it would be a possibility to remove the FPU from...