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  1. tecneeq

    Power Mac G4 IDE to SSD adapter?

    Cheers. I got two G4 Power Macs, one 667MHz, one 750 Quicksilver, payed 40€ together. Both have very loud and slow IDE drives. Thought i update them with some old Sata SSDs i have. Should i get a special 40pin IDE to Sata adapter or are the 8€ ones from china ok?
  2. tecneeq

    Mystery expansion in a Classic

    So, i was just looking into that old and beaten Classic i had in a box for what seems like years. Caps are leaked, green muck on the traces, it still starts, but without sound. The hardware is pretty much the usual, memory expansion to 4 MB and a hard disk. And i found this: The...
  3. tecneeq

    Apple vs china knockoff Ehternet-to-USB converters

    I'm not sure it's the right place, maybe it should be moved to the Lounge. I just found this comparison between an Applea nd a china knockoff Ehternet-to-USB converter. Kind of interesting: http://projectgus.com/2013/03/anatomy-of-a-cheap-usb-ethernet-adapter/
  4. tecneeq

    Yellowing of the iMac

    Yes, there is some yellowing in the first gen iMac already. I have three. One has a good picture, but yellowed case, another has a good case, but bad picture, so i swapped. Here is what i learned: The case is made of two layers, the outer see-through layer, which is good plastic, not brittle...
  5. tecneeq

    Identify this iMac, if possible

    Someone next town sells a broken iMac. I placed a bid. Even if it's broken beyond repair, some parts should be salvageable. :lol: The seller says it's a M5521 in green. The seller hasn't answered my questions for a couple of days. It seems to me it's a third gen iMac with the new HK-speakers...
  6. tecneeq

    All CD-Rom drives in my iMacs RevA are broken

    Is there some special secret why they all are broken? Maybe something i can fix? And if not, what model do i get for replacement?
  7. tecneeq

    Which new Mac is the right one for me?

    I have no experience with newer Macs whatsoever. I have a Rev A iMac, but believe it's not enough to play modern, games that where available for the Mac OS 9. So here is my wishlist: should be as silent as possible should be able to play all games that came out, even later ones, within reason...
  8. tecneeq

    I found lots of benchmarks for old SCSI drives.

    While feeding my demons and searching for p0rn of insects getting drunk on rotten fruit (i'm a complicated man, don't ask), i came across this page: http://www.ikasu.net/lombard/hdd/scsi/ It seems this particular gentleman was, some 11 years ago, highly interested in benchmarking of harddisks...
  9. tecneeq

    SGRAM update in Bondi Blue Rev A

    Gents, would this do the trick? http://www.ebay.de/itm/4MB-SGRAM-Video-SODIMM-Memory-Upgrade-/350213344883 He lists all sorts of iMacs, but not the 233 MHz Model i have. :?:
  10. tecneeq

    Lots of networking stuff

    I liberated quite a bit of small stuff recently: 1 CD-Caddy. Finally i can listen to music on my C610! (1 Euro) 1 Net Talk Connector kit from Apple, new, still in the box, never used (2 Euros) 6 Net Talk Connectors and some cables, they look good, but not as good as the new one (6 Euros) 1...
  11. tecneeq

    Diskettes, which brand?

    Do you guys know wich brand is reliable and still freshly fabricated? I thought it is time to copy all my old 3,5 floppys to new material. Any advice?
  12. tecneeq

    FPU for IIsi and ethernet card for LC475

    First, excuse me for dragging that LC in here, but it's basically a Centris 605. I have, at a friends house, a nubus adapter for my IIsi. As far as i know one can pop in a math processor like this into the adapter, thus giving the IIsi a FPU. Right? http://www.ebay.de/itm/220846013303 I also...
  13. tecneeq

    VRAM, cd bezel, cd carrier and cd carrier rails for Q650

    I believe it's time i update my Quadra 650 to it'S full potential. You know, the works: a cdrom, new caps, larger disk, max VRAM. Ram is maxed out, so there isn't anything to do there. The most unobtainable piece of the puzzle is the cdrom bezel. Do you guys know any source where i can score...
  14. tecneeq

    6 x 32 MB 60ns Ram

    Yesterday i got 6 strips of 60ns Ram, 32 MB each and 4 SCSI-disks with 2 GB each. Also one 68-pin 4 GB SCSI-disk, wich came with an adapter for 50-pin SCSI. In exchange i had to part with an older 80GB 2,5" Sata-disk, wich was left over and unused for years when i put a SSD in my Thinkpad...
  15. tecneeq

    sitx to something else, automagically

    Hi lads, I would like to convert a large number of sitx archives that have acumulated in my todo folder to something system6 can read. On macos7/8 or Linux, if possible. Any ideas?
  16. tecneeq

    Swapping kidney for mirror of mac.the-underdog.info!

    Does someone have a mirror of mac.the-underdog.info? I have quite a lot of mirrors on my disk, but this one is missing :( .
  17. tecneeq

    Make a mirror of the grenier-du-mac.net site! (code inside!)

    So, since redundancy beats single points of failure, here is a snippet you can run in a bourne compatible shell of your preference. The goal is to have a complete mirror, including offsite downloads, of the abandonware site www.grenier-du-mac.net. For unix like systems, the shell /bin/sh should...