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  1. defor

    I like pasta, but I don't know this one... (NUBUS)

    can any nubus experts identify this? the board styling and tagging looks somewhat apple, the fact we've got prototype names on some of the chips is interesting.. sadly it seems the label on the eprom is removed, so no idea what that said... it's a strange board...
  2. defor

    Developer Transition Kit

    Not sure I've posted a conquest before, so I'll post this little gem. Photos Apple System Profiler Report (edited for privacy) http://eastrain.com/68kmla/dtk/DTK_EDITED.spx
  3. defor

    Marathon 1 disk 2- help!

    Any chance SOMEONE out there happens to have an original FLOPPY set that they can get a proper disk copy 4.2 image off this disk? I'm working on an in-depth archival project, and my original of the second disk fails about 963k in- I'd like to rewrite a proper image to it while I'm at it. NOTE...
  4. defor

    MacBench 5.0

    I'm trying to do some detailed benchmarks comparing slots and controller options on pci macs, and am looking for a copy of the MacBench 5 cdrom (or image)... any leads on this.. the basic app, while nice, isn't comprehensive enough without the cd-rom to make accurate comparisons... thanks
  5. defor

    Mail Day Mon Day

    • Japanese Apple Bandai Atmark Pippin Retail in Box • AppleShareIP 5.0 50 Users in Box • (2) Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 loose • Apple Airport Extreme Base Station w/Modem (for my father actually) Over the weekend also liberated a pristine ColorSync 17 from the attic at home we never used when...
  6. defor

    Radius Rocket documentation, scans and stuff

    I got around to scanning the paperwork, it's bad quality, but I don't plan to rescan as it was last-minute before I sold it to someone on LEMSwap: http://www.eastrain.com/?p=48
  7. defor

    Input devices woo

    Finally snagged a MacTV mouse and spare (sold already) keyboard with black adb cable off ebay for a nice small 9$... also finally tried out the IIGS keyboards mr680x0 had traded me many moons ago, and they all work fine after some resoldering of the adb plugs! Can't really be much happier with...
  8. defor

    an odd fashion statement...

    So, this most recent weekend was the Baltimore Area Hamfest, and, as usual there were some awesome "recently vintaged" computing finds, as long as you were looking for the 95-2002 era. I think my favorite find was a complete Xybernaut MA IV system with wearable touchscreen, the headmounted...
  9. defor

    Comet Pair

    nabbed a dead (GLOD) 2400c on ebay to use as parts for my original one that still works, but neede new plastics, and the seller contacted me that he had a second one for parts also with GLOD, both were in decent cosmetic shape, and managed to convert the 3 parts/dead systems into 2 complete...
  10. defor

    Color Classic and MacTV have a baby!

    I've NEVER seen a MacTV mod, so I figured to be the first, using a parts machine that could only be revived by cheating and using parts from a 520... I finished the electrical and functional case mods tonight with the aid of some pizza and 'dew. Going to dye the plastic black, transfer...
  11. defor


    Finally grabbed myself a MacTV to disect and add to my collection of 5xx based systems, and wow is it unique in circuit design. Anyhow, there's a large chip missing from the drive bezel, and the rest of the case has wierd wear patterns (personally I didn't get it to collect), so the question I...
  12. defor

    iBook 700

    Probably my most recently worthwhile nabbing off of Crigslist, for 80, an iBook with a dead screen.. took a little work, but was able to dissect the inverter cable and found that the DC ground was severed. a good resoldering and insulating, and she was good as gold. case was a mismash of lost...
  13. defor

    68K network gaming?

    Anyone here play any of the big 68k network games still? Is anyone interested in playing some of them online, etc? I used to play Marathon, Avara, Bolo, and Spectre back in the day... I think a few of these need the use of a AT to TCP bridge software... forgot which was best... Anyone?
  14. defor

    QuickTake ramblings

    Having had my QT 100 since I nabed it off LEM in February, I finally got it up and running. Damn I miss the good times we had running around with the 100 when it came out in HighSchool... Anyway, I've heard a lot of members picking up the 100 and 150 (and a few 200's) and figured we should...