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  1. toples50

    Apple IIc and monitor

    I have an Apple IIc NTSC model (220v) and I want to connect it to the classic 9'' Apple IIc monitor which is PAL. Will work the IIc with the monitor or not?
  2. toples50

    SE/30 memory problem.

    I have a SE/30 recently recapped from a very good technician.If had 5mb of ram (4x256 and 4x1mb).I have changed the brand new modules(4x4mb-60ns) from the IIci to SE/30.I have putted on the first bank(A bank).Machine does not boot and had stripes on monitor and the sound of death. Then I have...
  3. toples50

    Floppy disks and disk drives strange behaviour

    I have tried my original Photoshop 2 disks to my Classic II and LC475 and suddenly neither of two internal disk drives reads any disk...(before both machines read/write normally all the disks) Is it possible a disk to destroy the disk drives?
  4. toples50

    Performa 450 dead

    I have a Performa 450 but seems completely dead.I have added a working battery but nothing.Does not start up or any sound from power supply... what can I do?
  5. toples50

    Floppy drive for Macintosh IIfx

    Guys can I use these floppy drives(I think they are from LC) with  my Macintosh IIfx or not?
  6. toples50

    Power Mac 7500 schematic

    Guys can we find a schematic for the Power Mac 7500 for a friend because he want it for fix some caps from the motherboard.He does not have sound and has problem with two caps as he said to me.
  7. toples50

    Power Mac 6100 sound

    I have the Power Mac 6100 but got low level sound from the speaker.Need to recap it or not?
  8. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 problem.

    From a friend of mine who has problem with his SE/30 "Hello Guys! I've recently owned a SE/30 .i have the squares on my screen that indicates interruption between rom and cpu. i have recapped my board using tantalum caps and problem still persists. i found another SE/30, tried the rom simm and...
  9. toples50

    Non parity modules on SE/30

    I want to upgrade my SE/30 to 32MB of ram.I have found 8 modules 4MB 30 pin ram but are all non parity.Will they work or not?
  10. toples50

    SE/30 does not boot

    I have a SE/30 for over 10 years now without recapping it.Today I tried to boot it up but shows this picture.(it booted up once)I’m thinking to send it for recapping.
  11. toples50

    PowerBook 520 recapping or not?

    I have a PowerBook 520c which works fine except floppy.Have to recap or not the computer?Also where can I find replacement for internal floppy drive.Does not read all the disks.
  12. toples50

    Recap PowerBook 100

    I have two PowerBook 100.I sent them to a technician for recapping and restoration. Is any guide to give him for opening the PowerBooks?  Also he will try to fix internal hard drives. 
  13. toples50

    68K PowerBooks for restoration

    I have two PowerBooks 100 one 170 and one 165c for restoration/recapping.I will sent all the machines to my friend technician.Is any guide I have to give him for recap the machines?Also 520/540 PowerBook needs to recap it or not?And where can I find hard disks for the PowerBooks?
  14. toples50

    Macintosh 512K and cables

    I have opened my 512K to reinsert the floppy drive and discovered a cable wrapped in sellotape to be in the air.Is it normal or not? I’ve post some images from the cable.
  15. toples50

    iMac G3 black screen

    I have purchase after a long time a rev.A iMac.First time boots ok and then nothing.It starts with a chime the disk spinning for while but the screen is black and the machine remains stuck.Any suggestions please?(this is the first time I have received an iMac in such a great external quality and...
  16. toples50

    IIfx and some issues

    I have managed to power up my IIfx.I have installed a SuperMac graphics card I had and the machine really flies.The only issue I have is that does not shut down from power button.I don’t know why.The first time the button worked but nothing after that.Otherwise the machine is excellent!
  17. toples50

    Quadra 840av and booting

    I had my 840av for a year in the basement.Today I tried to boot it up.Power up but no chime so,no picture.After 10 tries finally i heard the chime and have normal picture.Then again nothing.The same.I don't have a battery.Have to recap the motherboard?
  18. toples50

    Macintosh IIsi display issues.

    I have a Mac IIsi but I have no picture when connected to a monitor with an adapter.I have startup sound disk spinning but no display.Everything seems to work except display. Have to recap it or not?What about the PSU?
  19. toples50

    SOS Macintosh Iicx won't shut down.

    I have a Macintosh IIcx just recapped but now it won't shut down.In fact I've managed to shut down once.Is it a common problem with Iicx machines or have a problem?
  20. toples50

    Apple IIe and sound.

    First time Apple IIe user and when I start it I don't hear the beep.Is it normally or not? Can I do something else to test the sound of the machine? The IIe has built-in speaker?