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  1. Dennis Nedry

    TomeViewer workaround for Mac OS ROM file (sheepshaver)

    Obtaining the Mac OS ROM file requires an old Mac to run TomeViewer and extract it from the Mac OS ROM update installer. This is not readily available to everyone who would like to use Sheepshaver. Would it technically be legal to provide a patch that once applied to the compressed Mac OS ROM...
  2. Dennis Nedry

    Binary recompilation from 68k to OS X - why not?

    If this was simple, someone would have done it. This proves to me that there is a lot that I am not aware of concerning what all goes on between 68k apps and Mac OS Classic. I am wondering why, instead of a complete system emulator approach that boots Mac OS - a computer in a window, what...
  3. Dennis Nedry

    Hidden ROM/extension images

    OMG, there's one in the Power Mac G3 ROM too! :D Who knows how to access these normally?? This one is located at 0x2E6E80:2FC268 in the checksum = 0x78F57389 ROM.
  4. Dennis Nedry

    Mac OS 9.2.2 on older Power Macs and sheepshaver

    Did anyone ever find a hack that would get 9.2.2 to work on older Power Macs and thus sheepshaver? This would be quite useful for use with sheepshaver considering the NetBoot9 disk image freely available from Apple that contains a 9.2.2 system folder. http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1192 I...
  5. Dennis Nedry

    Character palette glitch leads to possible prank opportunity

    I must have changed resolutions or something because my character palette's title bar was squarely under the menu bar in 10.4.11, so I couldn't move it. There's no keystroke to zoom the character palette because of its floating nature and only the title bar is draggable. After a brief period...
  6. Dennis Nedry

    Macintosh Classic Emulation

    Is there an emulator that exists that supports the Mac Classic? It seems like one of those Macs that's in between vMac and Basilisk II. It would be awesome to run that in an emulator because it has a bootable copy of Mac OS hidden in its ROM, triggered by Apple + option + O + X at startup...
  7. Dennis Nedry

    Found a sound in Quadra 700/900 ROM, but can't extract.

    If you drop a Quadra 700/900 ROM file onto HexEdit and find this selection (approximately): 0xBE344 : 0xC342B This is a special sound that might be currently talked about in some sort of trivia thread elsewhere on this board. :-x I can't figure out the encoding of this sound. If you...
  8. Dennis Nedry

    Invoking Rez Automatically

    I'm working on a Kaleidoscope Scheme to Appearance Theme converter. I am able to read a resource fork via a roll-my-own technique, but to write to a resource fork, I write to a text file and pass it through Rez. This is done in Xcode using C++. Does anybody know how I could make the Rez step...
  9. Dennis Nedry

    Kaleidoscope Scheme to Appearance Theme Conversion

    Some very VERRRRY preliminary hacking. The scope of this project shall not include hacking of any Kaleidoscope specific resources until permission is granted or some other justifiable reason. This initially intends only to convert ics8, ics# and cicn resources into pxm# resources...
  10. Dennis Nedry

    Perian issues on a PowerBook G3 Pismo

    I have two PowerBook G3 Pismos, both 10.4.11, and neither of them can run Perian v1.2.3. v1.2.1 and v1.2.0 do run on these PowerBooks. I posted on the Perian forum about this and this is not expected behavior - v1.2.3 is supposed to work on this Mac. Has anybody else tried this on a Pismo or...
  11. Dennis Nedry

    What do you think of developing a scheme to theme converter?

    I have ALWAYS wanted this converter ever since the demo from Apple that converted Kaleidoscope schemes to Mac OS 8.5+ themes. It existed but was never released. I have extensive knowledge of Mac OS 8.5 themes and I am confident that this converter is a reasonable undertaking. There are some...
  12. Dennis Nedry

    Resource Fork - Manual Parsing

    I'm working on figuring out how resource forks are parsed, somewhat for curiosity and also maybe for some use to somebody. I've made some progress, could anybody fill in some more info? I can't seem to find this online anywhere. HEADER 0000 : 0003 Resource Raw Data Stating Location (= length...
  13. Dennis Nedry

    Umax C500 in a science museum exhibit

    I'm developing a fancy association machine for a little science museum. It displays an image of an anuran (frog or toad) from this region, plays sounds, and has buttons for the names of 14 of them. You press the corresponding button. I already have all of the hardware done. It is a wooden box...
  14. Dennis Nedry

    How-to: Fix floppy drives that don't eject or accept disks

    I stumbled upon some old pictures and thought I should add them to the wiki. This is a VERY common problem with auto-inject drives. Follow these steps and your drive(s) will snap the disk right out of you hand, just like brand-new! http://68kmla.org/wiki/Floppy_Drive_Lubrication :)
  15. Dennis Nedry

    System 7 theme for Windows

    I use a Windows XP box at work. Is there an easy way to give it a System 7 theme? I have googled for System 7 themes for WindowBlinds but have not found one. A Mac OS 8/9 theme would also be acceptable, but not Mac OS X. I'm not looking to get rid of the taskbar or change any functionality...
  16. Dennis Nedry

    System 7 Source Code Leak

    From my understanding, the source code of System 7 leaked. Was this a complete source, and if so, did anyone ever manage to get this to build, say, for booting a PC? ;D Or heck, build for Mac and make cool super-deep mods?
  17. Dennis Nedry

    Looking for CDU (Connectix Desktop Utilities)

    I have looked long and hard for CDU (Connectix Desktop Utilities). It is a very cool little control panel that lets you change the color scheme of System 7 among other things. It probably just swaps out a CLUT resource in the system, but I thought it was very very cool. Does anyone have any...
  18. Dennis Nedry

    Problematic Template:PageTabs

    I played with it quite a bit and I just can't get it to work. The wiki seems to spit out code instead of parsing it as wiki code. As far as I can tell, it is identical to the code at wikipedia, with only harmless tweaks. See the problem at the top of this page...
  19. Dennis Nedry

    Monitor Resolution Conundrum

    I have a B&W G3 that is currently used headless for iTunes playback. It was a free alternative to AirPort Express. I simply use ARD to control the G3 from elsewhere. It's very nice. HOWEVER The thought has occurred that I should also attach this machine to the TV so videos can be...
  20. Dennis Nedry

    Apollo RAM - maybe a treasure?

    Along with a 1500MHz PC motherboard (which now works and I am using it to burn Mac IIci ROMs), I received a "4 / 8 MB MEM" Apollo computer RAM module. They were in the same bag for $5. It is 010683 REV 00. I found a couple of places that were selling it for $300+ but I'm wondering if it's...