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  1. TheMacGuy

    2x 128ks, 1x Classic and Multiple Accessories

    I know, it's been 1, 2, 3, no no, FOREVER since I made a post. But I had to make one about my recent conquest. Today I drove almost 2 hours to pick up a machine I've always wanted: a 128k. I got lucky and found not one, but two from the same seller! He had a lot listed for sale (including a load...
  2. TheMacGuy

    SE, Accelerator, and the aftermarket HDD.

    So in the main today I recevied my first SE. The case needs a lot help, but the main reason I bought it was what showed up upon boot. "Radius Accerator 25". I got it, cracked it open to check everything out. Board is good and clean, and everything seems to work, but the FDD can be a little...
  3. TheMacGuy

    1024x768 on Firewire Clamshell

    I remember reading a while back that someone was able to convert their Clamshell to use a 1024x768 display from a 12" G3/G4 iBook. I found the article on it, but I was wondering if anyone here had tested this or done something like this. The Indigo 366 I bought for parts a few weeks ago that...
  4. TheMacGuy

    Duo 210 won't boot from floppies

    So I finally got a Duo MiniDock and Floppy Drive for the Duo. I tired installing Sys7.5 from a set of genuine diskettes but after a few seconds (head moves twice) it ejects the floppy and tries to boot to the corrupted Sys file on the HDD. I've used these disks before on the Q605 and they...
  5. TheMacGuy

    PDQ, LED and Fans on plug in, no boot

    I just bought a PDQ PowerBook G3; 300MHz, 64MB of RAM, 8GB drive, etc. Problem is, when I plug the computer in, the fans rev up, the LED stays solid, but both go out after 2 or so seconds. Then if I press the power button, I get a "bong", but nothing else. Could this be as simple as a dead...
  6. TheMacGuy

    Sawtooth and 10.1 Combo Update Stuck rebooting

    I decided to wipe the Sawtooth and install 10.1. Why? I still have no clue. :p I'm weird. Anyway, I installed 10.1 and grabbed the 10.1.5 Combo Updater from Apple. I tired to install it, no dice. The Installer app was out of date (an error I had never seen before). Read further into it...
  7. TheMacGuy

    7200rpm HDD in 12" PBG4

    So my PowerBook G4's hard drive has one foot out the door (its making noises) and its time to replace it. I mean, its original from January 2005, so its going on 8 years old. My question is, I was strongly advised not to put a 7200rpm in my iBook G4 by you guys because the heat could warp the...
  8. TheMacGuy

    OS 8.6 on PB 5300

    I obtained a copy of OS 8.6 on CD today from a friend, and the first thought that popped into my head was "the 5300!" When I got home, I didn't know how I was going to install it, so I made a disk image of it on my MacBook. Since I wanted to upgrade the hard drive, I partitioned the new one...
  9. TheMacGuy

    Quadra 605 upgrades?

    I love my Quadra 605, but its not as fast as I would like it to be. I don't have a lot to spend, and don't want to purchase right now, but I wanted to get some input on the upgrades I'm thinking about. 68040 or PowerPC? This is the main one. My machine only has the 68LC040, so it has no FPU...
  10. TheMacGuy

    128k MoBo, garbled video and chime with Sad Mac

    I got the cap on the end of the 512kE's CRT back on and it fired up like a champ, so I threw the 128k board in for testing. I didn't get a blinking floppy, no, but instead a garbled chime, then shortly after a black garbled screen with a sad Mac and an error code of: 04E925 Any ideas? I'm...
  11. TheMacGuy

    Duo 210 boot to Sad Mac after System Hang

    A few days ago I got the PowerBook Duo I bought off of eBay. Seller was another collector, and had just done a fresh install of System 7.5.5. It seems a bug in 7.5.5 reared its ugly head after changing the desktop and putting the computer to sleep, as when I woke it up, the Duo was frozen. I...
  12. TheMacGuy

    Rookie Mistake

    I got the 128k board in today, and I went to test it in the 512k. Standard procedure: Unscrew handle screws, Battery compartment screw, two screws above the ports. Unplugged the floppy drive. Then I went to unplug the main connector. It was stuck in the connector for whatever reason. So I...
  13. TheMacGuy

    Testing a 128k MoBo in a 512kE?

    I ordered a 128k board off of eBay and I want to make sure it works when I get it since it has been sitting in the service box for almost 30 years. I would leave the floppy drive unplugged. I just want to make sure it gets to the blinking floppy without a problem.
  14. TheMacGuy

    Plus Just Won't Boot.

    Today I received the Mac Plus from mcdermd (Thanks again!). Plugged everything in, got a "bing", short "whirr" from the floppy drive, screen came on, but never got a blinking floppy or happy Mac. It just sits there on a grey screen. Judging by the fact that it "bing"s and the screen comes on...
  15. TheMacGuy

    T-Handled Compact screwdriver/case cracker

    A few days ago, Trash80 posted a photo of a T-handled Compact screwdriver which looked to be the same as the one Apple issued to the AASPs back in the 1980s. I bought it shortly thereafter. I received it today and found out that it is a Hex driver, not a Torx driver. I was wondering if Apple...
  16. TheMacGuy

    Recover dead USB port?

    One of the ports on my recently purchased PowerBook is dead. It is the 2nd to last AlBook G4 12" with the 1.5GHz processor. I was wondering if there were any troubleshooting steps I should try before looking into a logic board replacement?
  17. TheMacGuy

    Any tips on 800k Floppy head?

    A few months ago I bought 2 external floppy drives for my 512kE, with the intension of putting the one in worst looking case in the 512kE as the eject motor went out on the original drive. The one I choose has a small problem where it tries to inject the disk before it is all the way in, but...
  18. TheMacGuy

    Performa 200 boots to blank or checker board screen

    Turns out the seller doesn't want the Performa back, so I'm going to try and fix it. I've run into a bit of a snag. I can't figure out what it is. Nothing looks to have leaked, PRAM battery wasn't even getting read explode. So, I'm left wondering whats going on with Lady Kenmore here. Any...
  19. TheMacGuy

    OS 8 on a 5300c

    I'm kinda of curious to try OS 8 on my 5300c, but I can't seem to figure out a way to get OS 8 on the PB. It is the only machine I have that will run a non-specific version of OS 8 (iBook) so I can't plug the HDD into my adapter and run it through USB to it. I looked up other ways, but it...
  20. TheMacGuy

    Cube's 450MHz G4 in a 350MHz Sawtooth

    I was going through my part bin, and at the bottom, I found the Cube logic board and G4 card. I have no idea if they work, and remember the Cube was drowned in Coffee, but I was wondering if I wash the CPU board with a soft toothbrush under warm water, will it still work afterwards? I would...