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  1. Spidey01

    System memory use between 24-bit and 32-bit addressing

    When my Duo 230 boots up, I've noticed this reported in the About screen: 24-bit addressing => System 7.5.5 uses about 18~19 MB of RAM. 32-bit addressing =>System 7.5.5 uses about 2.5~2.6 MB of RAM. This machine has 24 MB of memory between onboard and expansion module. So this makes a pretty...
  2. Spidey01

    Spidey01’s first 68k Mac

    Growing up in front of a Tandy 1000 with a single 5 1/2” drive as part of a PC family, it was well into the OS X era of the iMac and MacBook by the time I met anything Macintosh. By then I was already focused on BSD and Linux systems, so I largely missed the classic operating system. Probably...
  3. Spidey01

    Any ideas for a battery slug?

    Recently acquired an old Duo 230, and trying to make it operational piece by piece. Since the original charger went poof shortly after test booting the machine: my power solution for testing has been an old Wallstreet series charger. Pretty much, I was just glad the charger wasn’t still plugged...