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  1. MacJunky

    Gigabit Ethernet logicboard with Quicksilver CPU

    I would really suggest drilling some holes in the motherboard tray of your case. To save the hassle of tapping holes, you can stick nuts on the back of standoffs. If you are using a drill rather than a drill press, your holes are not going to be the right size, shape, or location anyway. Brass...
  2. MacJunky

    Gigabit Ethernet logicboard with Quicksilver CPU

    The issue is that the ATA connector is in the way of the wide CPU card itself. The QS heatsink is a different issue and would normally interfere with the CD/ZIP bays in a Sawtooth/GBE case. For the purpose of this conversation, Sawtooth and Gigabit Ethernet are effectively the same as far as I...
  3. MacJunky

    Prototype Mac Case, that is the question . . .

    Today I took a picture of a different case, I am just going to leave it here: This had winXP and a P4 or something IIRC.
  4. MacJunky

    MacIPgw virtual machine for TCP/IP on your old Mac

    Awesome, I never thought to use a static route. Working: Thank you for the assistance and the pre-made vbox appliance.
  5. MacJunky

    Another IIci ROM hack

    Pirates do not wear beige.. >_> Fine, but he keeps his red dot because he is a pirate. :p The upper eyepatch string looks a bit odd, but imo it looks worse if you try to make it thinner.. One might the strings at 90 degrees or something... *shrug*
  6. MacJunky

    Another IIci ROM hack

    idk how pirateish this is, there is not really much room for a hat/parrot even if you shifted it down and to the side. Also have one in blue if the black is too much.
  7. MacJunky

    Sil3112 flashing (SATA)

    Protocol7 and I traded quite a few PMs on this one. Summary: ** There is macbootable Sil3112 firmware. FirmTek SeriTek/1s2 is the card. aka Sonnet Tempo SATA (TSATA). These cards can boot pre-G3 PowerMacs and boot 7.6.1. See here...
  8. MacJunky

    Sil3512 flashing (SATA)

    This is a post I made on MacMod back before MacTech took over..then it turned into AppleCentral sometime when I was not looking. <_< >_> I never got involved with MacTech but I want this here as well because it is useful information. (IMO anyway) I did later get a second Sil3512...
  9. MacJunky

    Looking for AKB-UATA133-PCI ROM dump

    http://www.google.ca/search?q=AKB-UATA133-PCI This card uses a Silicon Image 0680 chipset! They are incredibly common in the PC world and often very cheap! I never thought I would see one that was Mac compatible! Anyway, yea, I am looking for a copy of the firmware from one, does anybody here...
  10. MacJunky

    Wallstreet and PDQ information thread

    This thread is created as a place to look at the real differences between these two revisions. The hope is that this will be based on physical hardware at our disposal instead of some site repeating information from another site, repeating information from another site...etc.(think Mactracker)...
  11. MacJunky

    QS 2002 and DA PCI slots query

    Are there any differences between the Quicksilver 2002 and Digital Audio PCI slots or the handling of them? I ask because a Sil3512 based SATA card flashed with wibetech firmware works and is usable in my Digital Audio but no matter what I do wrt CUDA reset, slot swapping/reseating, etc I...