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  1. EmmyOcelot

    PowerBook 520c Screen Issues

    So I’ve built a 520c from parts that are known working except the display. I have never had this display work but it seems to have some life in it. It briefly shows colors before going all black so I’m wondering if it’s something with the inverter board or the cables. Any help is appreciated. Emmy
  2. EmmyOcelot

    Putting the “Power” in a PowerBook

    Hi everyone! After having success with nabbing a PowerBook 520c for cheap, I wanted to push its limits and see what I could make it do. Its little 25 MHz 040 wasn’t enough for me and after acquiring a 33 MHz 040, I craved something more of this machine. I had heard that PPC accelerators were...
  3. EmmyOcelot

    PowerBook 520c will not power up

    I recently just got a new cpu and ram for my PowerBook 520c and went to try the new processor and it wouldn’t even spin up. Switching the cpus back does nothing either. It relies on it’s old ac adapter and I don’t know where to start to get it working. Any ideas to start? :( Emmy
  4. EmmyOcelot

    PowerBook 5xx ram mod?

    Hi everyone!  I got my hands on a PowerBook 520c a little while back and was wondering with the ram card kind of expensive and hard to find on eBay, could I get 2 8mb ones (identical cards of course) and combine them on one board to make a 16mb card? If so, would it be practical? Any answers...
  5. EmmyOcelot

    Jerry Rig a Battery

    Hey everyone! Got a quick question to ask, I'd like to replace my 1/2 size AA battery with a cr2032 or AA setup. How would I go about doing either? Is it a simple solder? Thanks :)
  6. EmmyOcelot

    GCC on A/UX?

    Figure i'd ask here since I have A/UX on a quadra, Has anyone gotten gcc (GNU C compiler) fully installed and setup on A/UX? If so, please tell me how you did it. I'd like to add some other newer GNU stuff like sudo or bash but they require gcc to compile them. It's been quite some fun trying...
  7. EmmyOcelot

    Emmy's Dream Machine

    After selling my 610. I was determined to get a machine to run A/UX 3.1 get up and running. Well, few hours later I found this guy for a real steal and got it yesterday. One install and some ram configuration later, this Quadra is a screamer! Hope to find a good nubus graphics card for it to...
  8. EmmyOcelot

    Quadra 650 caps

    Hey everyone!  I recently got a hold of a Quadra 650 and need to change its caps asap. Does anyone know which caps are needed for it? I'm going with tantalum caps but cant seem to find any reference on what voltage or capacitance they need to be.
  9. EmmyOcelot

    Recap gone right?

    Howdy everyone! A while ago I got recommended the advice to recap my Q610. Well, today was the day and I finally did it....only to not be sure if I have them on the right way. Can someone confirm I have soldered them on the right way? Last thing I want is for them to snap crackle pop....
  10. EmmyOcelot

    Quadra 610 SCSI fun

    Hello everyone I need some help as to what could be going on. I have been working on a Quadra 610 that can boot from floppy but downright refuses to show the cd drive (AppleCD 300 Plus) or the the hard disk (IBM-H3171-S2) Here's what (I think) I know: I don't believe that it's a matter of the...