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  1. valejacobo

    Best SCSI disks to use on Quadra 900?

    Hi Guys, it's your boy Valito here. After some fiddling with the boot disks on my Quadra, I've come to the conclusion that my Seagate drive has died efectively; probably can be recovered, you know those old bastards never die, but I'm without a working computer atm. Unfortunately, due to...
  2. valejacobo

    Quadra 900 refusing to boot normally

    Hi y'all, it's your boy valito here. About a week ago I finally got hold of a new floppy drive for my Quadra 900 since the original one refused to read/write anything. So far so good, everything works as intended, and I finally got to install a couple apps on it. But since, it refuses to boot up...
  3. valejacobo

    Local network on Quadra 900

    Hi y'all, i've been tinkering with my Quadra 900 and I've wanted to transfer files from and to it, and since my floppy drive is dead, I've thought of the serial null modem route. I'm really new to all the AppleTalk and LocalTalk stuff, but so far this is what I've done: -Did a null modem cable...
  4. valejacobo

    Floppy compatibility for Quadra 900

    Hi y'all it's your boy valito here. After unsuccesfuly cleaning, re-lubbing and breaking a floppy eject cog, I've decided to replace my drive on my Quadra 900. I've seen a good one from a Performa, and a great condition one, but it's 800k. What are the compatibilites on these ones? Would the...
  5. valejacobo

    System 7.1 questions

    Hi y'all, it's your boy $username here. I have some questions regarding System 7.1 and it's behaviour. First of all, whenever I boot my machine, it prompts me to enter my credentials to connect to a network drive (which obviously I don't have as the previous owner had it). It's nothing major...
  6. valejacobo

    My new Quadra 900

    Hey guys, first timer here. I just wanted to share my most recent purchase, a Quadra 900. It came with an original Seagate ST1480N (It even has the apple stickers on it!) 8 megs of ram and all the vram slots filled (Wich makes me believe it has the 2 megs for that sweet 24 bit colour) and...