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  1. Cedsrepairs

    Not much space ? Vintage laptops are the solution !

    I don't have much space in my home. ;( I like vintage computing... The solution ! So I only repair vintage laptops, I knew none of them back in the day (they were waaay too pricey and mostly most CEOs !) but now I'm rather proud of my little collection. Starting right to left : The black...
  2. Cedsrepairs

    Rare Powerbook 100 recall letter from Apple

    Hi everyone, I was lucky enough to find this letter in some item I recently bought out of Ebay It's about the recall Apple had to make in 1992 for 60000 Powerbook 100, which made the stock price fall 2% the same day As far as I can see, there are no pictures of that letter anywhere on the...
  3. Cedsrepairs

    Mac System 7.0.1 and 7.5.3 floppy images

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to reinstall my PB100 and PB180 on BlueSCSI. I've got the "pre made" images, that are helpful and thanks for whoever did them, but they don't have any spare disk space left which makes them unusable long term I'm trying to reinstall both with a Mac System that is...
  4. Cedsrepairs

    Powerbook 100 / 180 : Serial to RS232

    Hello I'm trying to figure out what cable I need to make a serial link between a modern PC/mac and my powerbooks Let's start with my PB100 : it has avery peculiar serial connector, with only a few pins in it. I'm really not sure what cable to stick in there The PB180 seems to need a DIN8...
  5. Cedsrepairs

    Powerbook 1xx : open firmware or debug boot ?

    Hello everyone, with a little friendly ping for @desertrout and @Byrd, I'm new to the whole PB1x0 thing, and I wonder if there are debug boot commands of any sort ? I looked at both the user & service manual, and if I believe them - there is zero debug menu, boot menu, open firmware or...
  6. Cedsrepairs

    Powerbook 100 extreme screen repair

    Hey, just wanted to share how proud I am of my "extreme" repair. :cool: This PB100 screen has a problem I don't really understand. At first I thought I caused it, but the more I looked at it, it seems I did not. I got the PB100 is a sorry state ( yellowed, stuck hard disk heads, needed a...
  7. Cedsrepairs

    Powerbook recap ; size & brands ?

    Hello, I've got a few powerbooks to recap, - a PB100 that "somewhat boots" but screams for a recap (every 1uF on the board leaked!) - a PB180 that works flawlessly, apart from the screen tunneling - a Duo 270c that does not boot. I've recapped older things (Apple II plus, Apple IIc) but never...