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  1. micheledipaola

    preserving old Macintosh localized (system) software

    Hello people, I am from Italy and I was in my teenage when Macintosh appeared. I already had an Apple II, so I went to my local Apple shop where I bought it, to do the "Mac test drive" and I fell in love with that little box, also because - for the first time ever - all software they showed me...
  2. micheledipaola

    scsi voodoo on a quadra 700 with an 80 pin hd

    hello everybody, I am in this very strange situation: my Quadra 700 came with an hard disk which failed after a few weeks. I wanted to try an 80 pin hd (cheaper, easier to find) with this made-in-china adapter: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/4001112495209.html and I got my hands on a 17GB...