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  1. OleLila

    Powerbook 180 LCD ribbon cable repair

    I still haven't gotten back too it, have the parts .....but need a clear day and some better magnifying glasses and right out look before attempt; the couple of times I have looked at it, it's not hard to imagine getting it all hooked up and then not being able to get the cable folded and back...
  2. OleLila

    RaSCSI and Maintosh Plus

    Has anyone other gotten their Plus to boot from a RaSCSI? I've created and formatted multiple disks and installed System 6.0.8, I can see it if I boot from another disk but cannot boot form the RaSCSI alone. Have tried formatting/new drivers with Special HD SC Setup 7.3.5, PLI, Blue Disc...
  3. OleLila

    Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress

    Lost in the June crash of 2021 were several posts regarding construction of "Poor man's" blueSCSI. Though it does work, by the time you get all of the materials, board, SD holder, you might as well have just ordered the kit. Its a good project though. Multiple trouble shooting posts, wiring...
  4. OleLila

    Cheap USB mouse adapter for 128k/512k/Plus?

    Hello, This is information from thread that was lost in the June 2021 server crash. It relates to this post so adding it here. It is more information regarding the building of a mouse compatible with Mac Plus and earlier compact macintoshes. The original post indicated with the right Logitech...
  5. OleLila

    Soldering success

    Not apple but Atari related, but a conquest, at least for me. It may give additional motivation to attempt (again) a reconstruction of the LCD ribbon for a 180c. Anyway...aside from the center ground of the FPGA (which I couldn't see but assumed I melted with a heat gun), this was all...
  6. OleLila

    Color Classic speed

    I had increased the memory on my color classic today to 8 MB hoping for a speed bump. It's running System 7.1.1 and 32 bit addressing is on, on reading System 7.1.1 has 32 bit quickdraw built in. Abuse and Prince of Persia 2 are not playable secondary to the lag. I thought at least POP would...
  7. OleLila

    G4 MDD PSU

    Thanks for the link it was very helpful, sorry to repeat  up information that is already out there. ....I have the same video card that you have and it inspired me to reassess and I found that I can shut the case with the 500 watt power supply mounted in that area. So the power supply swap...
  8. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    ......and right on cue that's what I get for giving a definitive answer, I am measuring these but blew this one (maybe got it mixed up with the C127 change).....anyway, was going to take one more look at C286 this afternoon and just replace it and turn on, but when I took it off...yes there is a...
  9. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    I did measure pin 8 above,  not pin 18. These pictures are of pin 18 of U13....14.35 frequency is there.
  10. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    Learning and measuring here. I think we've narrowed it down. Sorry about the JPEG format on this post, but moving between computers and file types.
  11. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    These are the probes....can I even pickup/measure a 1mHz with these?
  12. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    Looked inside...didn't see anything, but did ruin my Apple Iic ROM when I tried it. Heres a couple of pictures of the logic board incase it helps someone. The Laser ROM is on the bottom of the logic board and is accesible  by removing 2 screws.
  13. OleLila

    Powerbook 180 LCD ribbon cable repair

    Well...proof of concept anyway. The fat lady has not sung.   Going to try this next (https://pmdway.com/products/fpc-ffc-flat-cable-to-through-hole-dip-breakout-board?_pos=192&_sid=3e93c12a8&_ss=r) because the video signal breaks down into 12 small caliber traces. Was going to...
  14. OleLila

    Powerbook 180 LCD ribbon cable repair

    So after ALOT of work as my last action on a working 180c, I replaced the hinge covers closed the top and walked 20 feet inside, plugged in and got a white screen only. I had pinched the LCD cable with the hinge cover then ripped it when I closed. I'm not counting on finding a replacement cable...
  15. OleLila

    Warning PB180C Owners!!

    A better lucky than good type situation but pretty satisfying. I have a PB180c with a dim/wabbling display and a stripe that I finally got around to recap yesterday.  The cap area was a mess but cleaned up well, but after recap (with hot air..easiest recap yet), the color and brightness were...
  16. OleLila

    SE/30 question ...probably basic electronics

    1) Pin 8 to the logic board (+12 volts) has capacitors 2 and 25 in parallel and they seem to be intact. It also has 2 resistors (R14 and R15, with the number "100" on them but listed as 10 ohm resistors in the schematic) in parallel. When I measure either R14 or R15 I get a short. Is this really...
  17. OleLila

    SE/30 - Somasi Mac (after recapping)

    Will be watching with interest. I just got a SE/30 a couple of days ago that would work normally for a little while then crash. Recapped....then what you see below. It kinda looks familiar. I've tried reseating RAM, ROMS, re-replaced capacitors, confirmed traces and have nt found the cause. The...
  18. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    It's a beauty. I'm afraid I've fried something delicate though. 
  19. OleLila

    Laser 128ex....how to revive

    I had a working Laser 128 ex ((Apple IIc clone) that was working fine. The external 3.5 inch drive was not, but I could plug it into the computer and just get an I/O error on APTPro. I disassembled the external drive, unplugging multiple small connections in the process, cleaned, reassembled...
  20. OleLila

    Bernoulli Drive fixes, ?any experiences anyone

    I had a great experince  with a SCSI Sony magneto optical drive and decided to keep checking out older scsi removable media devices. Found a Jaz drive and it is, thus far, infinitely better than the zip. I found a couple of bernoulli 150 MB external SCSI drives and they both turn on, the scsi...