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  1. BetaC

    Beta’s obligatory thread

    As I seem to be finding more and more interesting apple machines as time goes on, a guess I’ll just make an overarching thread. And, well, at least I have a literally white whale to show off this time. Yes, I finally managed to find an Apple IIGS, and in obscenely good condition. It doesn’t...
  2. BetaC

    Beta's New Unit (7100/80 AV)

    While this lad isn't an absolute unit like the later PowerPC based machines, I am happy to have it. I would consider this kind of machine one of my Beige Whales, as it's something that I've wanted to get but I was never going to spend the money most would ask for. Functionally, it's more of a...
  3. BetaC

    Help Troubleshooting an LC II

    Earlier today, I managed to pick up an LC II. Once I got home, I opened it up, and cleaned out what dust had collected over the years, then went to turn it on. I currently don't have a DB-15 to VGA converter to allow me to get video out of it, but I thought I should at least plug it in to make...