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  1. Rick Dangerous

    PCMCIA Card Ejects at boot, Any way to change that?

    So I have a CD card setup as a extra hard drive for my 3400c (running 9.0.4) Every time i start it up it ejects it. Is there anywhere in settings I can change that so it doesn't? Just want to reduce wear and tear and not have to mess with it so much. It's funny when i loaded an OS on there...
  2. Rick Dangerous

    Performa 631 CD on the Local CL

    This is on my local CL: Macintosh Performa 631 CD & Monitor - computers - by owner -... (craigslist.org) I want it so badly, but not at this price! I'm really tempted to make him an offer though. What do you guys think is fair for a local pickup like this?
  3. Rick Dangerous

    Mid-2010 MBP 13" CL Score

    Got a nice clean 13" MBP (mid-2010) 2.4Ghz Dual core from Craigslist this weekend for $85. The things that made it appealing to me were how clean it is, it has 8GB ram, and a 500GB SSD (a nice start.) This era is also pretty cheap to upgrade/repair right now. My short list for this unit is...
  4. Rick Dangerous

    Powerbook 3400 PRAM Batteries

    I have been looking high and low for about 6-12 months now... Someone please point me in the right direction. Bought some off ebay that looked right but wound up being too small. Reached out to another guy that used to make them up until recently, etc. etc. Not against paying for a custom...
  5. Rick Dangerous

    Do I dare?

    Do I dare? Lot of 7 Apple MacBooks and iMacs. $375 for everything - computers -... (craigslist.org) Was thinking of offering $300, or should i just "Pay that man his money..."
  6. Rick Dangerous

    Powerbook 3400c Ebay find (finally)

    Well i've been wanting one of these FOREVER.... Ever since i saw Meg Ryan using one in You've Got Mail ;)  This is the 200 MHZ machine with 48 MB RAM currently running 8.0.  Since they are the last Pre-G3 PB they usually are too pricey for me; but i made an offer for this one at $150 and it...
  7. Rick Dangerous

    PowerBook 1400c CL Find

    I was pretty stoked to find this on CL today for $100 since nothing comes up locally anymore.  It works, case is in decent shape, i'm the third owner apparently.  A few things: -CD-Rom insert is missing (floppy works) -Base RAM (only 16mb) Had to disable a bunch of system extensions to install...
  8. Rick Dangerous

    Newton Power Supplies

    Hello All; i have a chance to get a free Newton from a friend (finally, have wanted one forever!)  He says "have the model 100, 120, even a 2000.   You'll need to get a power supply for it." Is any of these models easier to find a power supply for, either OEM or realistically third...
  9. Rick Dangerous

    eMac G4 A1002--Should i grab it?

    Emac, talked then down to $35; should i grab it? https://vermont.craigslist.org/sys/d/colchester-apple-emac-powermac4-powerpc/7057397947.html Looks fun, but the only red flag to me is that it's missing the stand, and is maybe a tad scuffed up in the back. Could be a fun machine, will run...
  10. Rick Dangerous

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    So...i'll start this by saying i've wanted a 9600 for years.  The last 6 slot mac and beige powerhouse before the G series took over.   But when this 8600 came up locally on craigslist for peanuts i couldn't say no!   Its a 8600 from Nov 1997 and came with the following upgrades: -500Mhz...
  11. Rick Dangerous

    Mac G4 Sawtooth Upgraded

    Hey Y'all. Recently had Bob over at the Operator Headgap store do up a G4 Sawtooth for me as an OS 9.2.2 "Daily Driver."  It's got: -Full Ram (I think 1.5 or 2GB-Only 1.5 usable by OS9 obviously) -1GHZ Sonnet Processor Upgrade -120GB Dual Boot SSD -32MB Graphics Card -80GB Backup Drive...
  12. Rick Dangerous

    G3 Pismo Dead in the water; Ideas?

    So i went to fire up my G3 Pismo the other day after a year or so in dry, dust free storage; and nothing.   Won't power up.  Tried both of my PSU's; nothing; just dead. Has anyone encountered this before with these G3s?  Is there a hard reset somewhere on the MOBO i could try; or will this...
  13. Rick Dangerous

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    So i've tried once to upgrade the video card for my G4 cube, which has 16mb VRAM from the factory.  I have found that the few other cards for G4 tower computers that technically *will* fit in the Cubes short AGP slot, but do not fit well, they need things removed, don't fit flush (ie are...
  14. Rick Dangerous

    Remind me the purpose/function of daisy chaining floppy drives

    I know this is a dumb question, and i'm sure a i'll remember after the first post.  But how does a functioning daisy chain work/function best again? So the primary disk drive is plugged into the computer, and the second floppy drive is plugged into the first...but when you fire up the computer...
  15. Rick Dangerous

    Apple IIe Craigslist find

    I have always wanted an Apple IIe.  I used them in grade school and they are just SO solid.  The case design, everything.  Love them.  But I was not about to pay to ship one of these tanks. I always keep an eye on CL locally, and came across this nice, clean, two-owner (one family) gem.  It...
  16. Rick Dangerous

    External EZQuest Boa FireWire DVD-RW on 9.2.2

    The internal DVD drive on my cube died on my and I picked up one of these EZQuest Boa FireWire DVD-RW drives.  Its a firewire drive and plugs right in but no discs or DVD's will pop up on my desktop.   Do I need drivers for this beast?  My assumption is that in 9.2.2 it should be plug and play...
  17. Rick Dangerous

    G4 Cube turning on and off randomly

    The past few months my cube will randomly start up (when I bump into my desk for example), sometimes when gaming, it will randomly crash as well (luckily less frequently.) Recently, I put in a new 80GB HDD, with a fresh OS 9.2.2 install, and also did a new PRAM battery.  I zapped the PRAM 3...
  18. Rick Dangerous

    I just bought a TAM!

    I never thought I would get one of these...for a quasi-reasonable price anyway. Listed for $999 on ebay, put in a best offer of $900 and won it.  Looks to be in great shape I may just need to re-do the speaker covers and leather on the keyboard at some point (certainly isn't terrrible now.)...
  19. Rick Dangerous

    What are the correct monitors for various LC and Performa models?

    I am trying to find a period monitor to go with my LC III.  Is there a list anywhere of what monitor models match various LC and Performa models? I recall the LC monitors would mostly sit right on the pizza box itself wheras the performas usually had a little stand in between them. Have been...
  20. Rick Dangerous

    Mac Classic loud hum from PSU when attempting to start

    I will admit it's been about five years since i fired up the ole' classic. When I tried to last night, there was a disturbing loud humm (electrical sounding) coming from the PSU area. I opened her up and all the boards are good, no exploded caps or PRAM batteries that I could see. Of course I...