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  1. butterburger

    WiebeTech DriveDocks

    Hello everyone. Around our MLA, I only ever saw WiebeTech mentioned for SATA PCI cards (and a lot of those mentions are not about WiebeTech hardware, but about software piracy :-x ). I would like to start a thread regarding WiebeTech. So the story goes, WiebeTech started in James Wiebe's...
  2. butterburger

    Why Toast names Apple_partition_map 'MRKS'?

    I observe: in a compact disc published in 1997, its Apple Partition Map is named MRKS. Partition map (with 512 byte blocks) on 'mike_mulligan.cdr' #: type name length base 1: Apple_partition_map MRKS 2 @ 1 2: Apple_HFS TOAST 2.5...