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  1. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    I've had a Mac Classic (actually my first-ever computer) that's been ill for a while. Here's a report from a long time ago --- although it's a lot sicker now. I'd love to get it working again (since it was my first-ever computer :) ). The symptoms today are these: Switch it on after a long...
  2. stepleton

    Minor, useful update to NeoWidEx

    Hi Lisa fans! A lot of people seem to be working on their Widget hard drives lately, so I've made a small change to NeoWidEx that may be useful for troubleshooting broken drives. For more detail, I've made a longer post on LisaList2. I thought I'd mention it here for non-subscribers to that list.
  3. stepleton

    VideoMacPacHack: PDS video card for the Mac Portable

    Hi folks, check this out: That's a Mac Portable driving an external 800x600 SuperVGA display in addition to its 640x400 LCD. It's no trick---Flight Simulator 4 is putting windows on both displays. (Yes, it's Woz's autograph too but that's not important right now.) The secret is this board...
  4. stepleton

    New for Lisa: a hard drive bootloader and a low-level I/O library

    (Crossposting from LisaList2, just in case there are Lisa coders here who might be interested :lisa: )
  5. stepleton

    Another DIY ProFile emulator

    Hi folks, As part of a project to see about using cheap single-board computers like BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi, and PocketBeagle to substitute for various old computer peripherals and components, I made a palm-sized ProFile hard drive emulator. I put all of the plans and software online and...
  6. stepleton

    PSA: $35 LC III at Gateway Electronics in St. Louis

    As of about 3PM CDT this afternoon, there was a nice-looking LC III at Gateway Electronics in St. Louis, on the junk rack at the back of the store. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LkMFVoXK5Q8U5y6o2 Although I didn't turn it on, there were no capacitor or battery problems at first glance. The case...
  7. stepleton

    Apple Lisa OS and application source code

    Exciting news: over on LisaList, Al Kossow of the Computer History Museum has announced that Apple is reviewing the source code for the Lisa Office System to see what they can release publicly. Stay tuned for more in 2018...
  8. stepleton

    Maaaaaaaaaaac Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassic

    My old recapped classic has some ADB gremlins I'm trying to debug. More specifically, the symptoms are that the system starts to behave as if the "a" key were being held down. Sometimes this can be interrupted, but usually not. This can occur even if the keyboard is not plugged in (and just in...
  9. stepleton

    Announcing NeoWidEx

    (Crossposting from LisaList; hope this is OK. I know not everyone reads both forums---I didn't join 68kmla until very recently!) Hi everyone, I've made something that might be a useful addition to the Lisa fan's toolbox: a formatting and diagnostic utility for Widget hard drives. In the...
  10. stepleton

    Yet another backlit Portable power problem---where to probe?

    Hi all, excited to be a new member. My friend and I have been debugging a recapped 5126 lately and are looking for some advice. Once again this machine was recapped some time ago  :) The machine is in OK shape overall with a well-behaved 40MB hard drive. Unfortunately, leakage from the three...