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  1. mraroid

    Classic II Rev. 2 Schematics

    Would this help?  I will try to post a pdf. mraroid
  2. mraroid

    is https://www.macintoshrepository.org/ down?

    Hi... Almost a week ago, I tried to go to Macintosh respiratory.  But I forgot my password.  I asked for a password reset and was sent email, a code and a link.  When I tried the link, nothing happened.  I tried several times, and then tried the main web site again.  I got either a time out...
  3. mraroid

    Photoshop 3.0 +serial # will not work (Color Classic)

    Hi.. I have a Mystic Color Classic.  I am running 8.1  I bought the original disk and paperwork for Adobe Photoshop 3.0 from ebay.  Included was the serial number.  I use Photoshop and I actually use my Mystic for work I do at home.  I have bought and used many different versions of Photoshop...
  4. mraroid

    CC Mystic; 8.1; what versions of software can I run?

    Hi folks...   I have a Color Classic Mystic.  I have a SCSI2CF for a hard drive,  132MB MBs of RAM, a full 68940 in a LC 575, the 640 X 480 mod, and Internet access.  I can boot to 7.6.1 or 8.1.   Here is my issue....   I keep looking on ebay and other places for the latest versions of popular...
  5. mraroid

    Color Classic II mystic sound problems & no chime?

    I think you found the problem mst3K.  And, if not your chime problem, it will be a problem in the future.  I suggest you fix it. You can buy small insulated wire, and then solder a "bridge" between the two points on the board to make very sure you have a good connecting.  It might look a bit...
  6. mraroid

    Degaussing coil fixed my Color Classic

    Folks...   I converted my Color Classic to 640 X 480, and installed a board who's CPU I replaced with a full 68040,  I have a SCSI2CF for a hard drive, and I can boot to 7.6.2 or to 8.1 It boots kind of slow because I have a 128 MB SIM in it, but I am OK with that. I have a network card...
  7. mraroid

    Color Classic floppy needs a rebuild- gears?

    Hi... One of my color classics has a bad floppy drive.  I saw some videos on You Tube about rebuilding a floppy drive, but they were for a floppy drive in an earlier Mac, not the Color Classic. Anyone know of a video that shows the rebuilding of a floppy drive from a Color Classic?  Are folks...
  8. mraroid

    Recommend a browser (or 2) for Tiger please

    Folks....   I *finally* have a working DVD drive in my B&W.  And I have *finally* updated to Tiger.  I am running a G4 Yikes! logic board @ 500Mhz.  Tiger is installed, as well as the apple updates. I have yet to install OS 9.22.   What I am looking for now, are recommendations for a browser...
  9. mraroid

    recommend a CD/DVD burner to me (G4 Yikes)?

    Hello....   I have installed a Yikes logic board in my Blue and White running a G4 at 500Mhz.   I have installed Panther and it seems to be running just fine. I also updated my video card to a ATI 9200.  I have a DVD of Tiger that I would like to install, but I only have a CD optical drive.   I...
  10. mraroid

    Access latch on B&W needs an adjustment

    Hi....   My Blue & White G3 was completely dirty and filthy when I bought it.  I ended up taking everything apart to clean it and then put it back together.  That was maybe a month ago.  I have noticed that the access latch is kind of loose.  It seems like if I give the computer good shake...
  11. mraroid

    Will a iBook 9.2.2 disk do a full install to a B&W G3?

    Hello...   I have a apple branded 9.2.1 CD.  I am looking for a 9.2.2 CD.  Will a 9.2.2 CD made for the iBook, install everything I need for my Blue & White G3 tower?  If not, I can go back to what I have been doing. I have been installing 9.2.1 from my Apple OS 9 CD, and then down loading...
  12. mraroid

    Have you installed a internal floppy in your Blue & White?

    Hello Gorgonops  & Cory.... My first thought was to install a internal Apple branded 1.44 floppy drive in that slot under the optical drive.  I see a ribbon cable and power connector swinging the breeze.  I believe the size of the ribbon cable and the size of power cable may need an adapter...
  13. mraroid

    Nice Mac PCI SATA card on ebay

    Folks....   I was going to post this in the trading area on this forum.  But I thought it might apply to users here. I hope I have not broken any rules....   This is a PCI SATA card made for Macs, that is suppose to have the ability to not only boot you into OS9 but also early flavors of OSX.   ...
  14. mraroid

    Have you installed a internal floppy in your Blue & White?

    Hi...   My B&W came with a CD drive and a empty bay below it where a Zip drive is often installed.  Has anyone installed a internal floppy drive in the space below the optical drive?   Yes, I know I can plug in a external USB floppy drive.  But I am interested in learning if anyone has...
  15. mraroid

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    In the old days, before tie wraps, people used waxed string to bundle cables.  It is now a lost art.  The more cables to lace up, the more art.  I have take old audio equipment apart and found lovely lacing of cables inside where the end user would never have see. People who did this had pride...
  16. mraroid

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    Hello....   I was reading about a older card from Sonnet called a Sonnet's Tempo Serial ATA PCI adapter card:   https://www.sonnettech.com/product/tempo_serial_ata.html   I went looking for a used one, but could not find one.   Are other companies making PCI SATA cards that I could use in my...
  17. mraroid

    how to run OS 9 and OSX on the same machine?

    Hi...   I have a Blue & White G3, soon to be updated to a G4 processor on a Yikes! motherboard.   I have OS 9.2.2 installed on my hard drive and all seems fine.  I tried to load Tiger (10.4).  Tiger said it had to erase the hard drive and install a new file system, so I backed off.   I am...
  18. mraroid

    down load speeds on a B&W G3 (165KB/sec)

    Hello... I am running a Blue & White G3 @ 400Mhz.  I have 1 GB of RAM.  The OS is 8.6.  I am using the 5 GB mechanical hard drive that came with this computer. I just got the B&W on line a few minutes ago.  It is plugged into my ethernet network. I have about 150Mbps down load speed...
  19. mraroid

    Blue & White CPU jumpers- Where to buy?

    Hello....   I have posted a photo of the jumper settings of my Yikes! motherboard.  I believe they are the same for a G3 Blue & White.The top of the photo is the inside of the motherboard and the bottom of the photo is the outside of the motherboard.   I am using the chart here:  ...
  20. mraroid

    Which Mac was the last that could run 9.22?

    Hello....   What was the last Mac that could run 9.22?   mraroid