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  1. Franklinstein

    Battery bombed SE/30 - what to do with it?

    Battery-bombed or otherwise damaged boards (for example I have a CC board where apparently something dissolved half the legs off the '030, which is really weird) can often be used to save something else. If the missing components aren't unavailable ASICs or anything, the major stuff can be...
  2. Franklinstein

    Zip 100

    Nice. The mechs are basically the same across the board (at least, as far as the classic externals like this go) so if you have a SCSI type with the click and a working parallel type, you can swap mechs and restore the SCSI one. I don't believe it's difficult to prevent the click but it does...
  3. Franklinstein

    Cloning the Interware Booster 30

    Yeah that Moto chip basically is there to double the incoming frequency (which would be 16MHz in an LC/LCII/CC) to drive the new CPU (which is 33MHz here). Interware had a few cards that operated like this. Personally I don't know why they bothered with the one specifically for the IIvi...
  4. Franklinstein

    iceBook 600MHz A1005 16MB VRAM - Chimes, no boot/display

    Well that's too bad. I've had a couple machines just... quit on me. Working fine and then 'oh hey I'm dead now, bye.' It could still be a RAM problem with the soldered RAM. I think that's what happened with my iBook G4 1.42 years ago (never fixed it; just replaced the board). I have a couple...
  5. Franklinstein

    Color Classic ROM replacement

    I can probably get you a set of original ROMs if needed. I have one or two battery bombed boards that won't be working again.
  6. Franklinstein

    iceBook 600MHz A1005 16MB VRAM - Chimes, no boot/display

    Could be RAM. Could be an ATA device not responding. Could be a bad display (the cables wear out because they pass through the clutch cover area). Try removing RAM, disconnecting the ATA cable (should be pretty easy - just pull the plug off the logic board), and/or using an external video cable.
  7. Franklinstein

    9600 power supply failure modes/schematic?

    A little sleuthing later and I found a couple open components in the 5vsb circuit. Sadly I couldn't find usable information for testing some of the VRMs (they require specific bench-testing configurations with power supplies and things, a DMM probe won't really tell you anything other than pure...
  8. Franklinstein

    68060 in Mac

    I read something about it ages ago but I don't remember specifics. It's a pattern though: basically with every major change since the '020, Motorola has compromised pre-existing features, instead opting for "compatibility" by emulating in software the features/instructions that were dropped...
  9. Franklinstein

    SCSI floppy drive for Mac SE/30?

    PLI's Turbo Floppy 1.4 is probably what you want. No idea if there are any for sale anywhere now though. There were also a couple other options but this is the only one I've seen in person. They apparently don't read 800k or 720k floppies though; HD only.
  10. Franklinstein

    Won a Performa 5210CD, importing it. What should I look out for?

    Looks like there's already some cardboard scuffing (that line pattern) on the top of the unit. Probably from the first trip to Sendico. Hopefully that's the worst damage it sees.
  11. Franklinstein

    520/540 AC adapter disassembly

    I'm pretty sure I just used a large-ish flat screwdriver at the seams, pressing slightly inward and twisting. Also a little prying around the power socket to get it started.
  12. Franklinstein

    Clarifications for a (not?) takky mod

    Just to clarify: At its most basic, if it has an ATA hard drive, you're going to need to cut up the CC's (or big ol' LC's, if you prefer) chassis to install a new (modified) wiring harness a few inches deeper into the case. You can use any of the Q630-derived boards, or any of the non-PCI PPC...
  13. Franklinstein

    Fixed capacity SCSI flash drives/DOMs?

    So Hagiwara seems to offer something in the "industrial SSD" area that would be ideal but they're in that "contact for quote" group and are likely to be pretty expensive. Also the ones I saw were 3.5" and I'd also like a 2.5" option. They may have one but I was having trouble searching their...
  14. Franklinstein

    I'd like some input on a 6300 CD modification possibilities

    In a nutshell: the LC PDS was originally a 16-bit interface that was directly connected to the 68020 in the LC. It was later expanded to 32 bits in the LC III, LC 550, and other full 32-bit '030s, though very few cards ever used the full 32 bits; most stayed 16 bit for compatibility with the...
  15. Franklinstein

    Idea: Macintosh Classic III (LC550+M1420)

    True: the high-end Macs didn't have soldered RAM monopolizing any address space, and it was cumulative, which is why most of these had goofy RAM maximums (like the 6100's 8+32+32=72MB). The Q630, however, even in double RAM slot form, was one of the compromised models: it could only use a...
  16. Franklinstein

    I'd like some input on a 6300 CD modification possibilities

    There aren't a ton of upgrade options for the original logic board. There were never any processor upgrades available because there's no way to install one. The LC PDS isn't "real" on these (nor is it on any post-'030 Mac) and so it can't override the host processor. There were some fairly rare...
  17. Franklinstein

    Macintosh 8100 and variant overclocking.

    The 6100 and 7100 use SMD oscillators so it's easy for the clip-on accelerators to slip over. The 8100 usually has its oscillator soldered through the logic board so it's harder to override it. I did a mild overclock on an 8100/110, taking it to 120MHz by replacing its 36.6MHz oscillator with a...
  18. Franklinstein

    Idea: Macintosh Classic III (LC550+M1420)

    All of the first-gen Power Macs, most Centris/Quadras except the 900 and 950, and nearly every PowerBook up to the WS/PDQ had soldered RAM. Many of these were at one point considered "high end." The Classic and Classic II didn't have a ton of space to work with internally, and their power...
  19. Franklinstein

    520/540 AC adapter disassembly

    It's kind of tricky. They're entirely bonded, no screws or anything, and the plastic is really brittle after so many years. I'm not sure if there's a particular solvent that can break the bond in the case or if it's heat bonded. The few times I've done it I pried the halves apart and just glued...
  20. Franklinstein

    Fixed capacity SCSI flash drives/DOMs?

    Some people may be familiar with ATA disk-on-module drives, which are basically anywhere from about 1-32GB of fixed storage in a module that plugs directly into an ATA header. There are no flash cards, no USB connectors, no configuration software, no nothing: plug it in and presto! You have a...