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  1. Torbar

    iBook G3 Clamshell - no power. the LED around the power plug flashes green for a second and then turns off

    I recently picked up a couple of clamshells, one working and one that was sold as for parts. On the parts unit, the LED around the power plug flashes green for a second and then turns off. Any idea of things to check? Power adapter is a yoyo adapter and is known to be good. If it's an...
  2. Torbar

    Manual inject floppy drive not accepting disks

    Hi all, I have a manual inject drive(MF355F-592MA) that's not accepting disks.  It was in a Performa 410, I went to put a disk in, it gave the couldn't read disk, need to format it, error.  I hit eject, it struggled and spat out the disk,  so I popped it open to take a look, and while I'm...
  3. Torbar

    May be a dead end, but help remembering the name of a simple music making program from the early 2000s?

    So I'm having some memories from a music course we took in middleschool, probably around 2001-2002, where we had a lab full of iMac G3s running OS9. This is one of those weird vague memories that pop into your head randomly, it was almost 20 years ago, so my memories not great It was this...
  4. Torbar

    Software to remember PRAM settings?(Mouse speed particularly)

    I don't like keeping batteries in my compact Macs due to the potential to leak(plus I have like, 10 of them, and that's alot of batteries), but I've noticed the mouse speed doesn't stay between reboots, so I imagine it's a PRAM setting.  Is there any software or extension or whatever that will...
  5. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    Figure doing a conquest topic seems to be a trend, so I figure I'll do one too rather than individual topics for each find. A buddy of mine was looking for a compact Mac to hook up to his Emulator II synth since the software for it was only written for classic Mac OS, so in keeping an eye out I...
  6. Torbar

    Yellowed(brown?) Performa 550

    Got this from a buddy of mine,  no hard drive but at least boots to the question mark.  Very yellowed though, might be a good candidate to retrobrite
  7. Torbar

    Rescued an SE from a life of being used to hold up a sign

    I was at a video game convention in NJ over the weekend(Funnily enough, it was actually called A Video Game Con), and at one of the booths there was a Mac SE with a sign taped to it saying something along the lines of "we accept trades" or something like that.  Long story short I ended up asking...
  8. Torbar

    Macintosh SE FDHD Restoration Project

    Hey guys, So last year I got a dead Macintosh FDHD complete in box for $10.  Spent the money on it no problem figuring even if the machine was totally dead and unrepairable, I'd buy the box for $10 no problem.  Crack it open, and it's a victim of the Maxell bomb.  Luckily the ROM chips and SWIM...
  9. Torbar

    Apple 20SC external hard drive

    Managed to save this from a recycling center.  Not sure if it works or not, Fan spins up and is really loud, no weird cliking from the drive or anything which is a good sign.  Gotta track down a SCSI cable to fully test it. http://imgur.com/ZVJad0M
  10. Torbar

    SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    Hi all, I just got myself an SE/30 but it's having an issue reading floppy disks.  If I put a disk in, it opens the shutter, but doesn't seem like it's attempting to read it.  After trying a couple of floppy drives(none of which are guaranteed to be good) and cables, I got it to read a disk...
  11. Torbar

    Random pickup, toy Powermac 5000 series(for American Girl dolls)

    Was at Goodwill yesterday and spotted this by the toys.  First saw it and thought it was one of those PC shaped alarm clocks and went to pick it up.  Then saw it had the Apple logo and said Macintosh on the front, and saw it was a Powermac 5000 design.  Was 4 bucks so I picked it up.   Brought...
  12. Torbar

    Powermac 9600/233 locks up randomly. RAM or HDD test?

    Hi, I just pulled one of my old Powermacs out of the basement for the first time in like 10 years and booted it up, but it seems to be locking up randomly.  Mouse stops working at all, same with keyboard.  Have to hold down power button to reboot it.  Reinstalled OS9.1 on there, same thing.  Is...
  13. Torbar

    Broken Mac SE FHDH in box

    Craigslist score,  dead Mac SE FDHD in box with a bunch of manuals for $10. The computer 800k external floppy 5 ink ribbons for an Imagewriter II Mac SE manuals Mac IIci manual Imagewriter II manual sealed floppy drive manual Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/gCksV When you plug in the...
  14. Torbar

    Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock poster

    Picked up a Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock poster recently to frame and hang on my wall. http://i.imgur.com/MJhS2c6.png Put it in my living room since my computer room has weird slanted walls since it's on the top floor, so couldn't hang it there
  15. Torbar

    iMac G3 500mhz

    A couple of months ago I went to one of our remote brances and went into the network closet to find a Powermac G4 and an iMac G3 that haven't been touched in years.  Took the Powermac last trip, and saved the iMac for next time I had to go to that branch office which was today.  It's an indigo...
  16. Torbar

    First conquest in years! Powermac G4 400

    Got a graphite powermac G4 400 today.  Not really sure anything about it,  it was shoved in the corner of a network closet in one of our branch offices.  Back sticker said it was a 400mhz model.  There was also an indigo blue iMac G3 there that I'll grab next time I'm there Tonight I'll post...
  17. Torbar

    Mini-ITX board project ideas?

    Anybody have any project ideas involving mini-itx boards?(for anyone that doesn't know, a mini-itx board is a motherboard that's about 17x17cm). This one has a 733mhz VIA cpu and 512mb of ram...not a whole lot of power. I was thinking of building a mini tabletop arcade cabinet, but if anybody...
  18. Torbar


    I haven't really been on this forum for a while, but how long has 68kmla.net redirected to 68kmla.org?
  19. Torbar

    Weird PowerMac G5 video problem

    I just installed Leopard on this(fresh install) and ever since, when I scroll on a web page, the area around my mouse pointer moves down the page(its hard to describe, but heres a pic) http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/8581/32178645.jpg
  20. Torbar

    eMac not turning on

    It turned on before but the hard drive was dead, swapped the hard drive, tried turning it on but it doesn't do anything. I hear the CRT have a slightly high pitch noise, so it's getting power, but nothing else. Any ideas?