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  1. 360alaska

    Using SCSI2SD v5.5 in a Powerbook

    So here’s a thought, During my work on my Powerbook 100 battery, I was trying to find a suitable hard drive replacement as the Conner 20mb hard drive was clearly on last legs. I first looked to Inertial Computing who did not have any SCSI2SdD Powerbook variations in stock. Second, I looked to...
  2. 360alaska

    Classic II Color Video Out

    Here's my latest project:  Classic II with internal video. Impossible? No way! If you believe it you can achieve it.
  3. 360alaska

    Does anyone have a Supermac Superview SCSI?

    Does anyone have a Supermac Superview SCSI? I need a copy of the drivers. Can anyone help me? All I can find is the drivers for the MAC SE Superview.
  4. 360alaska

    Another Abomination - LC 580 DOS

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got one more 630 dos board for my 580. I was wondering if it was possible with 580's internal display but look: All of the regular windows drivers work but obviously the screen will only do 640x480.
  5. 360alaska

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    Hey all, I've been working on a way to connect a SCSI2SD internally to a Macintosh Plus, I'm still waiting on a right angle 50-pin header so it will fit in the case but here's what I have so far: Step 1: Install a header Step 2: Install the circuit board and connect to GND and TPWR(with...
  6. 360alaska

    LC 580 dos?

    Hi all, I'm just curious if anyone has tried to stick a 630 dos card in a 580? It should work as long as the dos card it set to 640x480 right? Or will it create a bad gestalt?
  7. 360alaska

    Macintosh Classic Overclock Experiment

    I've always wondered if it was possible and despite many comments and opinions to the contrary it is(Kinda). I’ve tried a couple of different crystals but an 18 MHz crystal seems to be the best option, a 20 MHz crystal will allow the machine to boot to SCSI but ADB and SWIM don’t function...
  8. 360alaska

    Sata to IDE for P640

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried sata to ide adapter with a 630 type machine? I would like to use a ssd for my 640.
  9. 360alaska

    System 7.5 Beta "Mozart"?

    Hi all, I'm just curious if anyone knows how complete and stable is 7.5 beta. Thanks, Josh
  10. 360alaska

    3D-Printed Objects

    Hello all, I Just wanted to start a thread for all of the 3D printed items I've designed for Macs. I can make these items for members but this is not a for sale post, this post is just so people with printers can print these items. Your Items are welcome also. 1. Portable Battery...
  11. 360alaska

    Converting a Desktop SCSI2SD for PowerBook Use

    Hello all, A big problem I think the community is facing is finding replacement drive for SCSI PowerBooks.  While Michael McMaster has a SCSI2SD specifically for Powerbooks it’s not widely available and ordering it directly from him is a bit expensive when including shipping from Australia...
  12. 360alaska

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    Hello all, I'm trying to design a battery to replace the original lead acid with Lithium polymer. with inspiration from this article: https://learn.adafruit.com/multi-cell-lipo-charging/fast-multi-cell-charger Here is my design so far: For the 5v regulator we'll use a self contained...
  13. 360alaska

    Macintosh LC Cap Question

    Recently, I Purchased a Macintosh LC in pretty good shape and working but of course needing a recap. I'm just curious if anyone knows why my board has a large thru-hole electrolytic instead of a surface mount? Maybe it was some sort of modification to support an accelerator or something?
  14. 360alaska

    How to Repair a G5 Quad Dual Pump LCS

    After 10 years, it seems like these are starting to fail at an alarming rate! So far, I’ve seen 3 bad dual pump cooling units with each one failing due to a clogged water block. In this article I intend to cover testing, flushing and filling. What you’ll need: 8 hose clamps (about ½ inch)...
  15. 360alaska

    Alaska's Collection

    Hello All,          I have finally decided to start a thread... I'm going to start with recently acquired Macintosh II: I got it on ebay for 10 + 30 shipping. Unfortunately, it had dead batteries so it wouldn't turn on... I went ahead and retrofitted battery holders in this guy: FYI: The...
  16. 360alaska

    7.5.3 on a Macintosh Classic

    Hello all, I just wanted to share my experiences with installing System 7.5.3 on an emulated Classic... Eventually I will try this on a real classic and you'll know how I make out... 1. Install Configuration Custom Install                 System Software                    System Software...
  17. 360alaska

    Slimmed 6.0.8

    Hello, I was wondering how to slim up System 6.0.8 for rom use when it occurred to me to see if I could use finder 5.5 with system 6.0.8 and sure enough it worked! The downside is that chooser is not available, but that doesn't bother me.  Anyhow, using finder 5.5 with system 6.0.8 saves you...
  18. 360alaska

    Repairing a Radius 16 Accelerator (Plus)

    Hello all, I just want to share my experience regarding a newly acquired Mac Plus. It was flup-flup-fluping when I bought it and to my surprise it had the Radius 16 accelerator! I uninstalled the Radius 16 and discovered that the Mac worked fine without it. After troubleshooting, I discovered...
  19. 360alaska

    SE/30 No sound after recap experience

    Hello all, I wanted to share with you a recent experience regarding an SE/30 I had acquired. I recently bought it on here from "Kastegir" who had said in a previous post that it had weak sound. I recapped it only to discover that it's condition did not improve, it did sound strong coming out of...