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  1. KnobsNSwitches

    Subjective ADB Keyboard Opinions Wanted

    I had an Apple Extended Keyboard II hooked up to my Color Classic, but that giant keyboard just takes up too much desk space. I replaced it with the handsome Apple Keyboard II (more Color Classic appropriate, I suppose), and it's fine, but I don't really like the mushy-ness of the keys.    I'm...
  2. KnobsNSwitches

    .Dsk to 3.5" floppy...color classic to IIc+ ?

    I recently picked up a IIc+, and my Apple II skills are rusty. I had thought I could download some .dsk files from the internet, copy them to my Color Classic, and then use the CC and Disk Copy to put those disk images onto a 3.5" floppy for the IIc+. But disk copy in 8.1 doesn't recognize any...
  3. KnobsNSwitches

    Macintosh TV Recap ?

    I've got a Mac TV that didn't boot until it had a thorough scrubbing. It seems it's time to replace the 5 electrolytic caps. Does anyone know what cap is at C195? It's labelled as 100 uf 25v, but I want to make sure I get a tantalum one that's the right size. I can post a pic later if that...
  4. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    I recently picked up a working 3rd gen iPod (dock connector, 4 buttons across the top only charges via firewire), and I'm trying to see if I can get it to show up in iTunes 2 in Mac OS 9. I'm connected to a G4 cube via firewire, I know OS 9 never did anything w/ USB syncing and ipods. I found a...
  5. KnobsNSwitches

    Performa IR remote iTunes

    I've been searching but I can't find anything yet. Maybe someone remembers if there was ever any bits of software to 'remap' the Performa IR remote commands?  I have a remote, it works great and the play pause buttons work in AppleCD Audio player...but i'm wondering if there's anyway to make...
  6. KnobsNSwitches

    Viewing video in on a 6500

    I have a recently acquired 6500...I just thought I'd see if I could hook a game console up to the video in just to see about viewing or capturing for fun. But I launch the Apple Video Player and I don't see anything other than the controls window with an MPEG button and a sound button...am I...
  7. KnobsNSwitches

    ADC video card that works for 6400 ?

    I realized in I have a 15" ADC connector LCD just sitting around, not doing anything. Is there a thing as a PCI video card with an ADC connector that could work in a 6400 series?  Or is the old external ADC adapter the only way to go? (well, or buying a g4 cube... ;-)
  8. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    This isn't really a conquests post...I mostly wanted to show show a pic of my SCSI switchbox., and figured the picture would make more sense with context. I have a SCSI2SD v5 (in the black 3d-printed box) that I use to move files between my macs, modern and old. I'm using a humble old DB25...
  9. KnobsNSwitches

    Color Classic hardware buttons

    I've got a mystic (575) Color Classic that has been acting up lately. I think i've got the OS squared away, but I'm noticing my front hardware buttons don't work. Is there an extension or anything that needs to be installed for those to be activated? System 7.5 currently
  10. KnobsNSwitches

    PCMCIA SD Card - Compact flash

    I have an external SCSI2SD that I'd love to use like a 'floppy' to move files between my various Macs.  Has anyone had any luck with the adapter chain of microSD card-> SD card adapter -> CF adapter -> PCMCIA reader? My microSD card works fine in the SCSI2SD, and it works fine in the...
  11. KnobsNSwitches

    Make 8.1 look like system 7

    I’m running 8.1 on my mystic color classic, solely for hfs+ compatibility.  I feel like I read at one point how to remove the platinum appearance, but I can’t recall now, an extension remove and old version of the finder install I think? Does anyone know offhand?  (It’s funny because back in...
  12. KnobsNSwitches

    TAM questions - How is it as a stereo?

    I admit I've always been intrigued by the TAM. I've never seen one in person. Trying to justify owning one, I was thinking about it as fancy stereo; it plays CDs, should be able to handle an early version of iTunes. So for those of you who'e had one: 1) How is the audio? Does it sound good...
  13. KnobsNSwitches

    DB25 switchbox to share SCSI devices between computers ?

     I have a color classic and a 575,  and one chain of SCSI gizmos. Am I right in thinking with a DB25 (or parallel port) switchbox and a couple extra m-m db25 cables, I could toggle the device chain between the two without disconnecting cables? Obviously only one computer could be using them at...
  14. KnobsNSwitches

    I'm rusty...how do I re-associate what files open in what program?

    I'm rusty in System 7, I guess, my LC 550 isn't opening .sit files in Expander, despite me trying and reinstalling a few different versions. Opening Expander and choosing the file does work. And I'd like to update text files to open in BBedit instead of SimpleText. I can use ResEdit to change...
  15. KnobsNSwitches

    Error type 97 when booting off of SCSI2SD

    I have a Color Classic that has been happily running a Performa 550 board and System 7.5.3 off of an internal SCSI2SD for awhile now. I recently got a 575 board, and I'm trying to run Mac OS 8. I have not done the 640x480 mod, I am using the Resedit hack to allow it to run at the original...
  16. KnobsNSwitches

    Are vintage injket printers useable still?

    This may be a dumb question, but are vintage inkjet still usable? I have an eMate my kids use and it would be slick to be able to print. Seems like “untested” style writers come up often, are old printers still usable? I know maceffects had some ink for awhile, but do  cartridges dry out in the...
  17. KnobsNSwitches

    PowerBook 2400 floppy drive

    Do these tend to go bad? I have two that came with my 2400, and neither of them work. It's crossed my mind that it's the cable (I only have one cable); however, if I have Norton Drivelight installed I see a floppy icon show up in the upper left when inserting a disk sometimes. I've taken the...
  18. KnobsNSwitches

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    I've read a couple forum posts from years ago claiming that a Mac TV logic board works in a Color Classic.  And that the screen res will be 640x480 with no VGA mod necessary. I was skeptical, but came across a Mac TV board for sale and wanted to find out. So I did, and the rumors are true...
  19. KnobsNSwitches

    PowerBook 1400 can't do IrDA...right?

    I've recently acquired a Newton 2000 and it didn't come with a serial dongle. I thought I could install some software over infrared, but my PowerBook 1400 does not do IrDA according to Low-end Mac.  Can anyone confirm this? Launching the 'Infrared' control panel in 8.6 says 'Not available'. I...
  20. KnobsNSwitches

    Ethertalk crossover cable

    This is probably a dumb question. But I just want to make sure. I've got a color classic running 7.5, and a PowerBook 1400 running 8.6. My file transfer method is usually modern computer-> compact flash into 1400 -> and then serial cable localtalk to color classic, (or for some bigger...