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  1. Renegade

    16 color Sierra AGi games released for Macintosh II on later 68x Macs

    Who knows... After all, someone patched (Color)Vette! in 2020 allowing it to run beyond System 7.1... So everything could happen.
  2. Renegade

    Macintosh LC in LC II case?

    Sure, it's not uncommon to see LCs without the second hole. Here you can see both revisions of the LC case.
  3. Renegade

    Scored a beat up Quadra 950

    @joshc , have you checked @BadGoldEagle 's current project? It's very similar to what you intend to do and could save you some time. https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/bges-take-on-the-quadra-900-950-atx-psu-mod.35014/page-6#post-406633
  4. Renegade

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Great job max1zzz ! 🍾
  5. Renegade

    Guide : SFX PSU Conversion for Quadra 630/Performa 6200

    @demik , seems like the attached pictures didn't survived the forum migration. Do you still have them by any chance ?
  6. Renegade

    IIcx/ci/Quadra 650/PM7100 power supply disassembly procedure ?

    Hi, I'd like to disassemble my Quadra 650's power supply to replace the stock fan by a silent one. I remember disassembling several PSU like this 20 years ago (when I started my collection), but I forgot the how-to procedure. So, I'm afraid of doing it the wrong way and ending up with a PSU...
  7. Renegade

    New CPU Accelerator options for 68K Macs?

    Posts about the PiStorm experiments with Macs have been lost in The Great 68krash of 2021... @AlexCL posted about his experiment here IIRC. Here's what Claude Schwarz posted on twitter about Alex's experiments :
  8. Renegade

    Beige G3 ADB problem

    Hi, I just took my beige G3 DT out of the basement. It boots without any problem, but after a few tries the ADB connector ceased to work. It could be a broken solder joint on the connector, but I was wondering if the Gossamer mobo also has a fuse for the ADB circuit. Thanks to anyone who can...
  9. Renegade

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Thank you for this update BGE, I wish you all the best.
  10. Renegade

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Hi @BadGoldEagle , Has there been any progress since February? I admit I haven't looked at the topic a lot rencetly. With the recent loss of the forum database, I may have missed some of the progress... :)
  11. Renegade

    Could these be Lisa CRTs ?

    Hi guys, thank you for your replies. Indeed, the CRTs I have are definitely 12". But it seems they are quite different from the photo you posted, as the yoke differs and the anode hole is on the side: Then the Molex pluf is different:
  12. Renegade

    Could these be Lisa CRTs ?

    Hi, Currently in the process of moving my whole collection, I stumbled upon 3 of these new-old-stock CRTs. As you can see, the sticker reads "YK1208 - E37984 Type 90912" by Clinton Electronics Group. Thanks to anyone who can confirm !
  13. Renegade

    Sil3132 Flashing (SATA II) (G5) (PCIE)

    Hi, I realized that both Firmtek and Wiebetech sold Sil3132 based controller cards for late-2005 PowerMac G5. I had a Sil3132 card sitting in a drawer so I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, this card has a 4mbit eeprom. The firmware file (ROM.3132.2SE2) was taken from Firmtek's latest...
  14. Renegade

    68-pin to 50-pin adapters question

    Hi guys, Most of us use this kind of 68-pin to 50-pin adapter: (both ends are male) They aren't that expensive, but I have found cheapers models of that kind : (both ends are female) My question is : will the latter work if plugged bewteen a mac 68k mobo and a 68-pin scsi flatcable...
  15. Renegade

    Registered ECC SDRam in G3/G4 ?

    Hello and Happy New Year to you guys ! Just wondering: do B&W G3s and pre-MDD G4s accept ECC Registered memory modules ? I know that standard and registerd ram should'nt be mixed, but what if the G3/G4 ram banks are populated only with registered ecc ? Cheers.
  16. Renegade

    G4 gigabit / dead 2nd ATA bus

    Hi, I recently bought a G4 Gigabit mobo from an ebay seller. It arrived few days ago undamaged, but after testing it this aftertoon, I detected a weird problem. The second IDE bus is not working (the one for optical drive). In fact,the Apple System profiler doesn't even show the 2nd IDE...