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  1. markyb86

    SE FTP issues

    Hello! My Macintosh SE has a Farallon EtherMac SE card in it. This installation of System 7 has been used on and off for about 8 years, with no hardware changes. I have 4 MB of RAM installed, running 7.0.1 . I have used Fetch 2.1.2 many times in the past to download or upload files to my...
  2. markyb86

    Female Mac DB15 to VGA?

    Did they ever make an adapter to use a pc with a 15 pin apple monitor? All I have ever seen or can find are to use a PC monitor with a mac. Thanks
  3. markyb86

    Headphone and Mic jacks

    What purpose do these serve on the older compacts?  Did they ever have a use for loading or saving to tape?
  4. markyb86

    Homemade Mini Case for G4 Sawtooth

    This may fit a G3 B&W, I'll have to test when I get that far. I recently gutted my G4 Sawtooth for another project. Needing a new home for the internals, I've been thinking about building a case. Riding the coattails of bigmessowires Mini LC case, Here's what I've come up with so far...
  5. markyb86

    Making a ZIP disk read only *OR* a better backup idea?

    I have heard, that if you put a bootable ZIP disk with system 7 on it into a zip drive on a machine running OS 8 or later, it will overwrite the driver. Making the disk un-bootable. Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible to make a ZIP read-only, so that I could back up my SE's two main ZIP...
  6. markyb86

    angled USB adapter

    I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time now and it's time someone else knew about it. I'm not sure how to implement this, but I would be the first customer and I am sure others could benefit from such a device. When I am on my laptop, I use an older wireless mouse. The...
  7. markyb86

    pic/info request: a color compact that isn't color classic

    I've often wondered/dreamed/plotted that a color classic inside of a se/30,classic,classic 2 would be the ultimate compact. I don't really like the color classic's aesthetics, but the computer as a whole is great. I wonder what it would take to shoehorn that into another compact's case. I...
  8. markyb86

    compact bezel replacement

    I tried searching but failed. Can someone tell me how deep I have to go to remove the bezel of a compact mac? (The SE is in question.) I know that the CRT is mounted on it, but does the A/B have to come out as well as the PSU? Thanks
  9. markyb86

    Mac SE and External HDD issue

    I'm giving up on this for now. I have this SCA Server hard drive from Uniserver , a 3.5" 68pin drive going through an adapter to 50-pin SCSI. (Which is going through a 50 pin to a centronics connector adapter, to the external SCSI port) I don't think this is the issue.? When I got the hard...
  10. markyb86

    bondi (or fruit) colored speakers

    I found this image while searching the web. I used to have tangerine speakers just like that. I emailed the owner of that pic, but he hasn't seen them in 10 years or so. Does anyone here know what they are called or who made them? Or even have a set they don't want by chance? Curious. I...
  11. markyb86

    The Apple HiColor 15" LCD Monitor

    The Apple HiColor 15" LCD Monitor Patent Pending :o) This is a project to turn a Gateway FPD15-40 LCD into an Apple-esque ADB capable VGA monitor. I'm using the base from an Apple Multiscan 17" CRT that houses ADB and Speaker/Mic extenders. The first thing I did was open up the base...
  12. markyb86

    How would a compact look today?

    I was photo shopping an SE without drive slots and then I had the idea, what if apple still made these things.... Sorry it's late and I'm quite bored.
  13. markyb86

    Apple II dimensions

    Anyone got a list of the apple II's dimensions, or a schematic, or diagram, blueprint, anything like that? I don't want to ask anyone to go measure one, just wondering if anyone had the measurements handy. Thanks
  14. markyb86

    ebay USB video capture and PPCs

    Does anyone have any good experiences using one of the USB > RCA/Svideo video capture cards for converting VHS or recording input? Using Panther, Tiger or OS9? (ie something like...
  15. markyb86

    Asus EEEPC + Linux

    Hello. I have an ASUS EEEPC 900. (900mhz, 1gb ram, upgraded to 32gb sata ssd.) It came with a terribly outdated debian spinoff. I have had many different OS's installed, including windows 7 and XP. XP is just terrible on it. Right now it has Joli OS because I just wanted to see how far that...
  16. markyb86

    external superdrive idea

    The SE's superdrive. If I swap it into an external 800k floppy enclosure, does that work as an external 1.44mb for the SE?
  17. markyb86

    iTunes, OS9 & Sharing

    Hey guys, can someone tell me the last version of iTunes for OS9? Also, does it allow listening to a shared library over the network? Thanks, Mark
  18. markyb86

    Unsupported IDE CD Burners

    Can someone explain to me if its possible and how, to use a non apple branded IDE burner in a G4 sawtooth under 10.4? I have a plain DVD drive, but I need to back up my Adobe CS2 DMGs, and my macbook superdrive gave up the ghost. Thanks guys.
  19. markyb86

    Macintosh SE on 68kmla IRC

    caught a glimpse of the chat earlier when I finally got the SE FDHD online. Uniserver suggested throwing this screen shot up :o) Macintosh SE FDHD, 4MB Ram, 100MB Zip as boot, System 7.0.1, Homer IRC 0.9.4,MacTCP 2.0.6, Farallon EtherMac SE NIC
  20. markyb86

    Help [Farallon EN Installer 2.2.1]

    Does anyone have a good copy or a link to the software for the Farallon EtherMac SE card? Mine was unopened but the floppy disk is corrupted after all these years. The software on disk is Farallon EN Installer 2.2.1 I think on other machines I could just use Apple's software, but the manual...