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  1. funkytoad

    Another Mac SE Networking Post (Specific Questions)

    Hello everyone. I apologize for yet another Mac SE networking post. I did a lot of searching and reading before posting these questions, I promise. Like many others at this time, I've been staying in and working on some projects. I've got an SE FDHD running System 6.0.8 with two floppy...
  2. funkytoad

    Macintosh Plus... or is it?

    Hey Everyone, I've been an on and off poster and a frequent lurker since 2005. I've got a bit of an odd conquest. I won an eBay auction from the local Goodwill. I am going to use the eBay images for this post. The auction was for a Macintosh Plus, as is clearly visible in this photo:  But...
  3. funkytoad

    Is this an RCA Output Card?

    Hey guys, Does anybody recognize this card? It appears to be an RCA Output Card of some kind. Would this be of use to anybody? Photos: http://www.ftnlabs.com/photos/forums/68k/rca/rca1.jpg http://www.ftnlabs.com/photos/forums/68k/rca/rca2.jpg...
  4. funkytoad

    Possibe Conquests: Apple CD Player and other mac stuff

    Hey everyone, We have been doing a bunch of cleaning at work. We have uncovered boxes full of old stuff. The boss-man says that he'll be sending most of this stuff home. Among the assorted cables and keyboards, I found some old 100 series and Duo PowerBooks as well as an Apple CD Player...
  5. funkytoad

    68kMLA = #561,566 Most Visted Website

    According to alexa.com, 68kmla.org is ranked 561,566th most visited site on the web. You can download a text file of the top one million of their website. Thought it was pretty interesting. -FT :beige:
  6. funkytoad

    PB Duo 270c + Duo MiniDock = Stuck

    Okay, here is a first. I clicked my PowerBook Duo 270c into my Duo MiniDock, as I often do. I finish up and prepare to switch to the Duo 280. I lift the tab on the dock to release the PowerBook, It pops up and release one side, while the other side won't come out. I have pulled and pulled with...
  7. funkytoad

    Apple Corporate Software

    I have been doing some exploring on my PB Duo 270c. This computer belonged to apple for quite some time. It has the Corporate asset tag, and a development team tag. It has some interesting errors that tell you to call different extensions on The Apple Campus for support. Perhaps the most...
  8. funkytoad

    MacBook Pro

    Hey everyone, Sorry I have been so inactive recently. School and work has kept me extremely busy. Anyway, it's high time I check back in. Today I received my new Macbook Pro. My first modern Mac. I am pretty happy with it so far. However, one thing has been driving me up the wall... No right...
  9. funkytoad

    IIsi Case, Some trick to it?

    I cannot remove the top of the IIsi that I picked up at a recycling event earlier this summer. About a month ago I powered it up and gave it a disk. Upon ejecting said disk, it was reluctant to give it to me all the way. It became jammed. One thing led to another, and it got added on my things...
  10. funkytoad

    5.25" External floppy drives for Macs

    Are there any known 5.25" External floppy drives that will work with a Mac? Or would it be possible to modify something? - ft
  11. funkytoad

    Apple IIe - Pop pop, fizz fizz

    Well that's something no user wants to hear. I picked up my Apple IIe at a recycling event today. I powered it up for the second time ever. Got it all hooked up to the monitor, got it all adjusted to a gray screen with white text reading "Apple II" That's when I hear it. *POP* The image on the...
  12. funkytoad

    Got Back From a Recycling Event (ATTN: NorthWest MLAers)

    Well, I was walking down the street this morning when I saw it. A simple newspaper article on the front page of the Daily Olympian. I picked it up and saw a photo of hundreds of computers piled up in the parking lot of Ingersoll Stadium at Olympia High School. One computer stuck out at me, a...
  13. funkytoad

    Nikon D40

    Not much of a conquest per say, but yesterday I got my new Nikon D40. It is my first Digital Single Lens Reflex. Are there any other Nikon fans here? -ft :beige:
  14. funkytoad

    Internal Modem Issues

    So my 6500 has an internal modem. I can't figure out how to use it though. It automatically wants to use the modem port, as seen in this screenshot: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2144/2474483229_9b7b439b62_o.png I am a novice in the field of device recognition. Any help is greatly...
  15. funkytoad

    My Spring Conquest

    Hello Fellow MLAers! I had a great conquest this spring. Orion selflessly provided me with more macs. (He gave me the two pluses last year). This time around, five computers, a printer, and a s***load of keyboards and mice, about 75 to be exact. So the machines, a Power Mac G3, Power Mac...
  16. funkytoad

    520c Powering on Issues

    Hey everyone, So I recently purchased a PB520c off of the LEM Swaplist. I only powered it up a couple of times to show my friends. And for some odd reason, when I went to power up today, it wouldn't start. The adapter is plugged into a working power outlet. All the cables are tight with a...
  17. funkytoad

    Easter Egg Section

    I was wondering if anyone would like to consider a Macintosh easter egg section on the Wiki? What do you guys think? -funkytoad :beige:
  18. funkytoad

    iMac G3 Conquest to be!

    Hi everybody, I am currently in the process of obtaining a Grape iMac G3. Mac OS 8.6, 32 mb RAM, 6 GB Hard Drive, Microsoft Office 98, and a matching printer! I have a keyboard and mouse ready for it too! http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/sys/546874497.html
  19. funkytoad

    Where to find an older version of StuffIt

    I need to find a version of StuffIt Expander that will run under OS 7.5 on my Duo 280. Anybody know where I can download that?
  20. funkytoad

    TTS: How to make it work.

    So when I put this TTS Software on my Duo 280, -- http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/Speech/PlainTalk_1.5/ -- I get these .smi files. What do I need to do to install this? Thanks. -funkytoad