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  1. stepleton

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    The new device sounds like a well-designed product based on these technical details. It seems good to me that its name has changed; given the characteristics outlined here, I'm glad to have the clearer sign of a distinct creation and a bit puzzled as to why the ZS folks would even want to hazard...
  2. stepleton

    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    I haven't got round yet to saying: 2 or 3 for me, too, please! The pictures of the current device are a few pages back in the thread, and who can be bothered to click Prev that many times? Do you need DIN-9 to DIN-9 cables to connect these things to the computer, or do the devices come with...
  3. stepleton

    Apple-adjacent (but still 68k!) question: does anyone know if there was a version of LOGO for NeXTSTEP?

    Would it make sense to ask on the nextcomputers.org forums? Very low-traffic, good amount of attention from archive maintainers. It's not what you're looking for, but with installation of an X window manager like cubX, you might be able to compile and use UCBLogo.
  4. stepleton

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    I have to admit having been confused too. When I saw the post title, my first thought was whether it was something with a replacement/adaptation/supplement/new generation/derivative relationship to BlueSCSI. I don't know anything about the dispute that's referenced earlier. Regardless, having...
  5. stepleton

    AppleTalk Echo Protocol

    "some vaporwave artist" is kinda underselling it a bit --- Floral Shoppe was the breakout "hit" that launched the vaporwave genre into the popularity it enjoyed. There are likely many more people in the last ten years who have listened to "Macintosh Plus" than have (in the same interval) used or...
  6. stepleton

    Voice synthetizer on Apple II

    I used to have such a card many years ago. I think it used the same chip that was in a Speak & Spell. It came with some programming utilities that let your BASIC program talk, provided you stuck with a fairly limited (English) vocabulary.
  7. stepleton

    Apple IIc and monitor

    I don't think PAL vs. NTSC matters too much for monochrome monitors. I have a IIc and a Monitor IIc as well, plus the IIc PAL adapter. It doesn't matter whether I plug my (220v, European) Monitor IIc into the IIc's composite monitor port or into the PAL adapter's composite port. I also have an...
  8. stepleton

    Suggestions for alternative OSes for 6100 and other NuBus-PPC?

    I've got MkLinux running on my 6100/66, but when it's back in MacOS, what do we do about the DOS card? Well, it's running Minix-VMD, a Minix derivative that's new enough to run X11 but old enough to still have the option of using the PC BIOS (aka INT 13h) for disk I/O. As the DOS card has no...
  9. stepleton

    Macintosh Portrait Display -- low brightness and out of focus?

    Does it get any better if you leave it on for a bit?
  10. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    That's my IBM 5100! APL is good fun --- you can use it to give presentations at work.
  11. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    Great news: I think the VIA replacement might have done the trick! The parts-board chip was pretty crusty --- it wasn't far from some caps that had leaked --- but it seems like it's got it where it counts. I've had the computer running for an hour or so now, and there's been no sign of trouble...
  12. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    A puzzle: do I buy a replacement VIA or do I try swapping in the chip that I pulled from a very crusty badcap-blasted parts board that a friend gave me? I'm leaning towards "swap" right now, but I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about it tomorrow.
  13. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    I did try that --- it doesn't seem to help, unfortunately! I also tried checking the connections between legs and pads (or nearby vias), and they seemed OK. These are helpful. In particular, it points out that much of the ADB chip routes through the VIA. A theory I'd had in the days of my...
  14. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    Also: is it easy to get your hands on an extender cable for the 14-pin connection between the logic board and the analog board? It would make probing the logic board a lot easier.
  15. stepleton

    Very sick Classic --- could it be a bad VIA chip?

    I've had a Mac Classic (actually my first-ever computer) that's been ill for a while. Here's a report from a long time ago --- although it's a lot sicker now. I'd love to get it working again (since it was my first-ever computer :) ). The symptoms today are these: Switch it on after a long...
  16. stepleton

    Apple Techstep I have almost all of the ROMs here and some info!

    Pretty sure that's Fujitsu.
  17. stepleton

    FOUND: 68KMDS version 2.0

    It may have been at some point (I don't know), but the original development platform for Macintosh, up into some months after its commercial sale, was the Pascal Workshop running on the Apple Lisa.
  18. stepleton

    Index of Hardware Products / Projects

    For Lisa/Macintosh XL/Apple III (Apple II is untested): Cameo/Aphid ProFile hard drive emulator with on-screen drive image selector for Lisa. Commercial derivative available at ArcaneByte (no affiliation). There are several other ProFile hard drive emulators out there too, but this one is the...
  19. stepleton

    Lisa: active area diagonal of CRT? 10.4" or thereabouts?

    To clarify: there's no important difference between the video systems on both Lisas; I mention them separately just because there's some variation depending on the machine. There may be some official Apple sizing that they tuned things for at the factory, but I doubt either of my computers...
  20. stepleton

    Lisa: active area diagonal of CRT? 10.4" or thereabouts?

    Apologies for the sluggish reply. I'm not sure what "active area" means, but I measured the diagonal size of the raster on my Lisas, so if that's what you're after, here you go: On my Lisa 2/10, it's 257mm. On my Lisa 1, it's a more luxurious 271mm. This sizing can be adjusted by means of...