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  1. G

    PowerBook 3400/Kanga Battery

    So that got me interested... The Kanga was delivered new with Mac OS 8 and disks for it. You can find these here : https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/macintosh-system-81-mac-os-81#PowerBook_G3_CD-ROM Check download #21 "PBG3CD_80.ZIP" , this is the original Kanga system CD. I've downloaded it and...
  2. F

    PowerBook 3400/Kanga Battery

    HI galgot, that was close. I have researched and you are right there was a Battery Reset 2.0 Utility that was working with G3 (Wallstreet) and Clamshell iBook :( but not for classic OS or previous models. Nevertheless something like this must have existed alone for the fact that the battery...
  3. G

    SD to IDE drive replacement for PDQ PowerBook G3

    ...very slow. Booted in 8.6, feels normal, not lightning fast, but at least on par with an old spinning HD... One thing tho, changing the theme in the Appearance Ctrl Panel, significantly slows every thing down 🤨... Well, so far these are my tries on a PB1400c only. Will try on a Wallstreet later.
  4. T

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Battery

    ...:) Anyways, I see that there is a thread of replacing cells in the Lombard/Pismo series of G3 PowerBooks, but I have not seen one for the Wallstreets. I am in process of replacing cells in mine, but as it seems that it is quite difficult to obtain 17670 cells that are in that battery pack, I...
  5. D

    Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not...

    ...folder on the startup disk could not be created. try unlocking the disk." This is showing after booting from an 9.1 maintenance cd on my Wallstreet. (Other boot cd's are working fine, but this one won't...) Which desktop folder is mean here: the desktop folder of the cd or the desktop...
  6. Spidey01

    powerbook g3 wont show anything untill the ssd or hdd is unplug

    Not sure if it will help you, but here's what happened with my Wallstreet series. A few days ago I pulled the IDE drive to be backed up via dd in another machine. Got in an SD to IDE adapter, formatted it in Windows to do some I/O tests on the card and then installed everything in the PowerBook...
  7. AichEss

    powerbook g3 wont show anything untill the ssd or hdd is unplug

    ...Certainly a Pismo will accept 128 GB SSDs; probably a Lombard will also but it will be a lot pickier about the mSata-to-IDE adapter. A Wallstreet - I don't know, maybe someone else can help.. I really, really suspect your adapter. I've used generic Asian-sourced (via eBay) adapters for...
  8. D

    Expansion bay hard drive for Wallstreet

    Hello, I want to have a hard drive in expansion bay of the Powerbook Wallstreet. There are several devices for this project: MCE Xcaret Pro Do-It-Yourself Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit MCE 80GB Xcaret Pro Expansion Bay Hard Drive VST Expansion Bay Hard Drive ... But... The devices seems to...
  9. D

    The best Defrag tool for OS9.2

    Thank you for this very fast answer!:)(y) I've also found on the garden Norton Utilities 5.0 and 6.0 - are there differences (newer = better) or is this nearly the same software like Norton Ut. 3 and 4? My Powerbook is a G3 Wallstreet running OS 9.2.2
  10. beachycove

    Question about PowerBook Wallstreet II Graphics failure

    My old faithful Wallstreet II (266mhz) has been languishing with a failing hard drive and a failing display (a rectangle of artifacts covering about 1/3 of the screen), so it being the Christmas holidays and me having some time on my hands, I decided today to do some work on the machine today...
  11. avadondragon

    SSD + CDROM weirdness under OS X on Wallstreet II

    It took me forever to track down what was going on and I still don't understand why it is happening but... I am using one of those super cheap mSATA to IDE adapters and I had a hell of a time getting OS X to install on the new SSD.  It runs SOOO slow.  Install took about 8 hours and it took so...
  12. A

    PowerBook G3 PDQ/Wallstreet LCD replacement

    G'day all, I have this PowerBook G3 PDQ which the LCD needs replacing badly - its horrible wash out. I saw this thread for Pismo LCD swap - does anyone know what the best next alternative swap would be? Thank you Cheers AP
  13. beachycove

    Wallstreet screen artifacts

    My Wallstreet, 266mhz, 14" screen, has developed screen artifacts that I would like to ask the wisdom of the group about. I have some spare parts here, but don't want just to go swapping random parts in and out, as these machines would be tedious to work on in that way. I am looking for the...
  14. Compgeke

    Recent spike in PPC Mac prices?

    ...price for an offer. Having recently helped someone sell a bunch of PowerBooks, they really aren't worth much money. Full selling list:  Wallstreet/233 / 96M / CD / No HD - $32.50 Wallstreet/250 / 160M / 4G HDD / Two Batteries - $25 15" G4/1.5 / 1G / 160G / Airport Extreme - $40 12" G4/1...
  15. Zoara

    Powerbook G3 Wallstreet Hard drive troubles

    Hello, so a while ago, I upgraded my Powerbook g3 Wallstreet to a 16 gb ide to SD card adaptor, but I am only able to install macOS9 on it. Amy version of OSX results with a unbacklit install screen. And trying to install it anyways always ends up with a frozen installer. If anyone knows why...
  16. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Strange PowerBook G3 Configs: A tale of two PDQs

    ...in terms of HDD capacities and lack of the S-Video Port on a high end model? There's something about S-Video being optional on the Wallstreet somewhere. everymac? What's the story with a 333MHz PDQ? Might it be overclocked? edit: forgot to mention, neither 'Book gives me the option to scale...
  17. flexo

    Powerbook Wallstreet Hinges

    Hi everyone, As probably most of you know, Wallstreet G3 screen hinges have the tendency to.. well, give up. I've just got a Wallstreet and I would like to know how I can delay this as much as I can. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  18. OleLila

    Powerbook G3 266 Wallstreet Fan starts with any power

    All glory is fleeting. I found reasonable looking untested powerbook G3 266. Initially on powering up, chime, hard drive clicked, clicked then a flashing disk on a reasonably good screen. I started up several times (and left it on) with an installation CD for 9.2.2 and 8.6. Great..it works, but...
  19. A

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet/PDQ Shark Wallpaper

    Evening All, When PowerBook G3 Wallstreet/PDQ was released it had famous Shark wallpaper which Apple got sued by the photographer. Does anyone have a copy of that wallpaper of the shark as I would like to place it in my PDQ. Cheers AP
  20. vacputer

    Wallstreet / PDQ Internal Modem Slot Pinout

    Greetings! Does anyone have any information on the internal modem connector on the Wallstreet, PDQ, and early iMacs? It seems fairly clear that it has pins for 5v DC and UART(probably? Rockwell datasheets aren't easy to come by), but I can't find much else on the topic that can't be...