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    Kanga odd power behavior - do I need a new power board?

    My Kanga has recently begun exhibiting extremely odd behavior. It will not boot unless it has a charged main battery, the AC adapter is not recognized by the system , and if I plug it in without a charged main battery the green sleep light glows steady green. The machine has no PRAM battery as I...
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    Found a 400K System Disk

    I was going through a box of old floppies after getting a floppy drive for my Kanga and in it was this old 1984 copyright Macintosh System Disk which I believe was from a family member’s old 128 or 512K. I didn’t want to try to read it in the Kanga since I’ve heard of newer drives causing issues...
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    190 Plastics Issue

    My 190 is in good shape and boots perfectly, but has a few problems. One is a main battery that cracked and leaked. The machine will likely never run on battery power again, but that's not a big issue. The big issue now is that it's fallen victim to "SpindlerPlastic" syndrome and the plastic on...
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    3400/Kanga hinge replacement?

    My working Kanga unfortunately has loose hinges - the screen stays up fine but it wobbles and any pressure can send it slamming shut. The plastics are all good (save the usual missing port doors) so I think the hinges/clutches themselves may be worn out. I’ve sourced a set of NOS replacement...
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    Yoot Tower

    Anyone else remember Yoot Tower? It was the lesser known sequel to Maxis’ SimTower. The Japanese version received a number of expansions which sadly were never localized to the US.
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    Kanga screen latch not springing back

    One of my Kangas has a screen latch that seems to be broken. When you slide the latch it doesn’t spring back into the closed position. Do the springs on these things break? I’m assuming I have to disassemble the top cover to get to it.
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    Kanga power LED steady green, no boot

    I reassembled my “parts” Kanga this weekend. Plugged it in, hit the power key, nothing. Pressed the reset button on the back and heard a “click” sound from the speakers and the green sleep LED came on and stayed on. Tried holding down the reset button for 30 seconds, still nothing. I’ve opened...
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    3400/Kanga - tightening hinges

    The hinges on my Kanga are a bit floppy (for lack of a better term). The screen will stay up but it will fall open if it goes too far past vertical. Is there a way to tighten the hinges?
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    190 —> 190cs upgrade?

    I have a 190 with bad screen hinge plastics and the opportunity to get a 190cs with a bad main board but good screen. Can I just replace the 190 screen assembly with the 190cs one and be plug and play?
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    Can a Kanga run the greatest game of all time? Sort of

    I managed to get a Demo copy of the Mac version of the greatest game of all time, Deus Ex.  I wanted to see if my Kanga would run it. Virtual memory is required due to the application thinking it needs more than the Kanga can support (this is odd since the PC version runs okay with just 64MB...
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    PB190 Hinge Cover Plastics Separating

    I've got a PB190, and unfortunately the right side hinge cover on the screen side has decided to separate. The lid will still open and close, but it puts more stress on the plastics and with how brittle these are known to be I'd like to fix it before it gets worse. Pictures are attached...what's...
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    PB190 Battery Leak

    I have a working 190 that I salvaged from my high school several years when they were disposing of old hardware. When I got it the battery had already leaked slightly and it hasn't gotten any worse over time since I pulled the battery out and store it separately, but now I'm on a restoration...
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    Kanga not booting

    In addition to my working Kanga, I’ve got a second complete machine that won’t boot. When I push the power key nothing happens, and when I push the reset button on the back there’s a click from the speakers and nothing else. Pushing the reset button a second time causes the sleep light to...
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    PB Kanga speaker diagnostics?

    I have a Kanga that is in good working order, but I think the two speakers above the keyboard are not functioning. Is there any way to run diagnostics on the individual speakers or to disable the screen mounted speakers to test the keyboard mounted ones?
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    Trying to restore a Kanga

    I pulled the RAM out with no success, so I continued deeper into the machine and removed the PRAM battery. I think I caught it just in time, as while it had leaked it had not exploded and there appears to be no damage to the logic board as shown in the attached pictures. With the PRAM battery...
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    Trying to restore a Kanga

    I've got a Kanga that I'm trying to put back into working order. It's in great physical shape but it won't boot. It booted previously but the keyboard was defective, so I replaced it with an NOS one. I've taken out the keyboard and cleaned the insides and everything looks good, but when I plug...
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    Basement find: 7.0 Floppies/PhoneNet connectors

    Looking through my parents' basement this weekend I found a few things that will be useful to my classic Mac connection. The first is a full set of original System 7.0 floppies in the package. They originally came with a Macintosh LC and are in perfect shape. The second is a pair of PhoneNet...
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    Battery leak?

    The (dead) battery in my 190 seems to have leaked...there is something that looks like mold on the battery contacts. Is there any good way to clean the contacts on one of these old batteries?
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    No IP unless connected to a router

    When I connect my Kanga (running 9.1) to my wireless router with an ethernet cable, it gets an IP and connects to the internet no problem (I'm posting this message from it). However, when I connect it directly to one of the ethernet jacks in my apartment, the system can't get an IP or connect to...
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    ADB mouse = slow cursor

    I picked up a free Apple ADB Mouse Mk1 today. It works, but for some reason the cursor moves extremely slowly when it's plugged in. I've connected it to a Powerbook 190 and a Kanga-class G3 with the same results. Oddly, even after the mouse is unplugged, the trackpad continues to move the cursor...