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    SCSI2SD on a Macintosh Portable, but keeping the essence!

    So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests...
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    Losing battle against Macintosh Color Classic

    I'd need some help here with a Macintosh Color (ColoUr) Classic I bought a couple weeks ago. It was listed as not working, but when I got here a quick inspection at the logic board revealed a bad placed ROM chip, which had two pins out of the socket. Once placed properly it booted up, although...
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    Macintosh Portable - Hard Drive freezing at startup

    A few days ago I got a good deal on a non working M5120 Macintosh Portable. I recapped it and it works fine except for the floppy and the hard drive. I think the floppy drive may have dirty heads or something, because mechanically it seems to work, but can't read or initialize any disc. I had a...
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    MiniScribe 20MB Apple 20SC HD

    Good afternoon (for me), I decided to write this thread apart from the other one about this device because I don't want to divert the attention from the main thread. So to put you in situation, I have a Macintosh Plus with an Apple 20SC HD that originally came with a 20MB MiniScribe drive. I...
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    Multiplayer games over localtalk?

    So my nephews are coming today and I was wondering if there's any multiplayer game over localtalk network. Ideally for 68K. I know that The Oregon Trail CD version had some kind of network playing, but I don't think my nephews will be very excited about. Do you know about something?
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Basically that's it. I got on fixing the hinge of my pretty little PB 540c, that had the display completely detached due to a broken case, and I dare to call it a success. I'd like to share it with you, in case someone finds it interesting. First I tried with epoxy glue, that did the trick for...
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    Macintosh Portable - A couple questions (RAM!)

    Dear Mac enthusiasts, Finally I could figure out what was wrong with my Mac Portable backlit model and I brought it back to life yesterday afternoon. Not a really big deal, just a broken path, but it was under a chip, so it was quite difficult to find. Anyway, now that it works fine I have a...
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    Macintosh Portable Backlit Screen Stripes

    Hello there! I need some help here. Maybe @techknight can give me a hand, as I have read some of your posts here about this model. I bought this Portable from ebay that won't do anything at all. I bought it recapped and with new mosfets in Q1, Q15, Q16 and Q20. At first I though it was a power...