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  1. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh Portable resurrection (attempt) and diagnosys

    I think the normal state is to have 1, 3, and 4 closed (on) and switch 2 open (off). Switch 1 connects ROM_WS to +5V and Switch 2 connects it to ground. I imagine having both closed simultaneously will short the +5V to ground. I believe this is for configuring ROM timing, perhaps for slower...
  2. SuperSVGA

    Can anyone ID this RAM?

    It's likely for the Plus. It's too wide to fit in the SE.
  3. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    How does it see the battery though? That molex connector is the only thing that connects to the battery, so it shouldn't be able to differentiate between the battery and the bench supply.
  4. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    Unfortunately it's not the backlit model that's giving the grey screen. The SWIM is currently removed as well. As for power, it's connected directly to a bench power supply, so I'm guessing connecting a battery won't help as it will detect the battery as too low even at a full charge.
  5. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    Well I swapped the power management chip from the M5120 board, but the results seem to be exactly the same. It's possible both are bad, but it's also possible there's an issue somewhere else. Also I did test it in the M5120 (after building a new hybrid) before I removed it, and while the...
  6. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh Portable resurrection (attempt) and diagnosys

    You're off by 6. Pin 1 typically starts at the center pin on PLCC chips.
  7. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    The battery box isn't connected at all. I have power connected directly to the two pins. I'm assuming the version from the M5120 board is compatible? I have no idea if the one I have is good either, but I could probably swap it in and see. Maybe I'll try building a replacement hybrid for my...
  8. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    Well, that was a pain. I had to setup a Windows XP VM just to get the file to open properly. It looks like it's resetting every 2us or so. PMINT is pretty much always high, except for a single instance for 10.35us as in the image. Not sure why that happened across all the time it was on...
  9. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    So far the biggest issues for me are the GLU chips. For example what should be A17-19 on U12G is actually just ground. I actually wasn't able to find those lines at all on the M5126 MISC GLU. They are there on the M5120 board though. Most of the other chips that haven't changed between revisions...
  10. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    Yes, it does shut off on its own, and was doing that consistently. Though for some reason, it's not always doing that anymore. Now it seems like it will usually stay "running". I have no idea why this is though, because I haven't changed anything. I hadn't seen that one, but I took a look at...
  11. SuperSVGA

    Backlit Portable: No boot, lines on display

    I've got a Macintosh Portable M5126 here that doesn't boot. With power applied via the Molex, it will briefly show random lines on the display when a key is pressed, before shutting off again. I did a full recap of the board but the issue still persists. Sometimes not even the lines show up...
  12. SuperSVGA

    Trouble Shooting Color Classic Analog board

    It sounds like you have a short to ground on a component there somewhere. I can't seem to find any good images of the analog board online, and I don't have one here to look at. Would you be able get pictures of the front and back?
  13. SuperSVGA

    Classic II Logic Board +8V rail

    Are you sure the pads are gone? It's hard to make out in the picture, but it looks like they might be covered with oxidation or something, similar to the legs of nearby components. I've had similar happen a few times and the pads were mostly fine underneath.
  14. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh SE motherboard need missing capacitors parts list.

    I believe those are all 0.1uF capacitors.
  15. SuperSVGA

    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    I don't know if selling it has anything to do with it, however I do know people have been sent papers from lawyers just from projects even thinking about using HDMI. As far as I understand if it's anything using the connector and carrying anything close to HDMI signals, then it counts. If you...
  16. SuperSVGA

    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    I'd recommend being careful about using HDMI if you don't have a license. While unlikely, you could theoretically get in trouble for it.
  17. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    You could try a LiFePO4 battery, such as this one.
  18. SuperSVGA

    recapping a Portable M5120, non backlight

    I assume you meant radial, C20 is the only one that's axial in that list. Some corrections from my board: C2 - 100uF 25V C3 - 220uF 25V C20 - 470uF 25V
  19. SuperSVGA

    ComputerEyes/RT SCSI Video Frame Grabber

    That bridge rectifier almost makes me think it could take low voltage AC. I've owned a few things that could take either AC or DC at the same voltage.
  20. SuperSVGA

    Apple Techstep I have almost all of the ROMs here and some info!

    Here's the fixed 512Kbit boards attached. My 1Mbit panels finally arrived. Next time I'm making smaller panels...