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    SE/30 Screen Artefacts

    Hi everbody After running for some minutes, some serious pixel errors appear on my SE/30‘s internal screen. The logic board is a replica with all-new passives, the AB is not yet recapped. Snooper doesn‘t appear to find any RAM errors but the DIP PALs get quite hot (ca. 50° C). Interestingly...
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    VGA Studio Display 15" – White Screen

    Hi everybody, I have a beautiful blue and white Apple Studio Display with VGA connector. After not using it for about one or two years and storing it in a slightly damp (not wet) room for some of that time, it refuses to work. When I power it up, it only shows a white (or bright gray) screen (...
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    AppleTalk Echo Protocol

    Hi everybody Is there any convenient tool for the classic Macintosh to send/receive AEP pings?
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    Cloning a SCSI disk

    Hi, I'm looking for program to make a full clone (as a raw disk image) of a harddrive. Yes, I know Disk Copy, but it appears that it can only make a image of a single partition. I want to clone every partition, including driver partitions etc... I sadly don't have any Mac with a SCSI connector...
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    (PPC) Routing software

    Hi everyone I’d like to use my "new" Apple Workgroup Server as a router. I know of the "Apple Internet Router" package, but I wasn't able to find a version of it that is compatible with MacOS 8.6. It might be possible to get it running, but I wonder if there is an Apple or third party software...
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    Apple Workgroup Server

    I just acquired a Workgroup Server 8550. How rare are they?
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    SCSI HD only works with external terminator attached

    Hello everyone I have this 1050MB IBM 50 pin SCSI drive which came out of a Powermac 7500 and worked somewhat reliable on its internal SCSI bus. However, when I use the drive inside a Quadra 700 or Performa 475, it only spins up (!) if an external Terminator or another device with termination...
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    Colour Classic strange noises/transformer replacement

    Hi everybody, My Colour Classic has some stange issues. When I plug it in and the AC switch is on, some crackling noises come from the inside. The noises are not very loud, but clearly noticeable. Otherwise, it runs fine since I recapped the LB. Furthermore, after letting it run for some time...
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    LaserWriter II NT

    Bought this "tank" yesterday for fifty swiss francs.. I was able to test it with my Colour Classic, and it took a very long time to transfer some basic text to it – a lot longer than it takes to print on my 4/600PS if I remember correctly (haven't used it for a while now). I really like its...
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    Quadra 660AV resistor values

    Hi everybody I'm about to restore my Macintosh Quadra 660AV with severe capacitor leakage. Due to corrosion, two resistor packs (?) RP6 and RP7 as well as one coil (?) FL5 broke away. Does anybody know the exact type and values of them? Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Macintosh IIsi – Purple screen with ATX PSU: Problem solved!

    Some months ago (before the great crash), I asked for help with a freshly recapped Macintosh IIsi which was showing a purple screen for 30 seconds until it booted. It appears that the ADB microcontroller (or something else) holds down the reset signal for this amount of time. Symptoms: CPU...