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    Software for ROMs

    Perhaps someone is interested in two programs for ROMs that I developed. SplitRom can be used to split a ROM into high and low ROM. CompareROM compares two ROM-Files. When they are identical then there will be shown zero differences. I use the programs in Windows 7. They were programmed in...
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    Classic analog board 0 Volt

    I have two classic analog boards that show 0 volt at the floppy port. I measured the volts at cp22 and one had 45 Volts, the other had 0 volt. At a functioning board I measured 90 volts, but I read in another thread that there should be 300 volts. Anay ideas, where I can find the defect part?
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    Analog board Classic II horizontal line

    I have an analog board of a Classic II that shows a single horizontal line on the screen. I replaced the TEA2037A but that did not change anything. With another analog board, the Mac works. What else can influence the vertical deflection?
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    Analog board Classic II horizontal line

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    Analog board Classic II horizontal line

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    External floppy cable

    Hi! I do not know, if it is interesting for someone, but I try to build an external floppy cable. I want to use it for testing floppydrives. I collected some informations, that are listed in the enclosed pdf-file. Next I will build one cable and try if it works. Martin Floppy Cable Macintosh.pdf
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    Parallel printing?

    I have two parallel printing interfaces of Jonathan Freeman Technologies. Does anybody have the driver software? And there is a connector for the power supply. I so not know the pin assignment (Center pin plus Ort minus, Vortage?). Thanks for any help. Martin
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    Mac 512 Mainboard repair

    Hello! I bought a Mac 512 that has a problem with the mainboard. When I got the Mac, the ROM chips (low, high) were interchanged and the MAC did not start. I changed the ROM chips and the the MAC started somtimes. Sometimes I got a sad MAC with the error 05FFFF. Sometimes I got no Image and...