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    Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not...

    "Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not be created. try unlocking the disk." This is showing after booting from an 9.1 maintenance cd on my Wallstreet. (Other boot cd's are working fine, but this one won't...) Which desktop folder is mean here: the desktop folder of the cd or...
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    Expansion bay hard drive for Wallstreet

    Hello, I want to have a hard drive in expansion bay of the Powerbook Wallstreet. There are several devices for this project: MCE Xcaret Pro Do-It-Yourself Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit MCE 80GB Xcaret Pro Expansion Bay Hard Drive VST Expansion Bay Hard Drive ... But... The devices seems to...
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    Bypassing At Ease?

    Hi, Powerbook 190c fresh from ebay OS 7.5.5 At Ease 2.0.3 Stuff fresh from MacGardenSite I want to install additional software on an old 190c, unfortunately there is ATEase on the computer and i didn't have the password...:( Is there a way to bypass At Ease or reset the (Admin)password and...
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    The best Defrag tool for OS9.2

    Hi, Im new on the G3 Powerbook an i want to defrag the system drive. Wich is the best tool for this task?? Thank you.