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  1. haplain

    Help identifying display

    Hey everyone. I've got a PowerBook I'm trying to restore. The screen flickers on, but no backlight and/or image I can see. I'm fairly sure it's the actual display but don't know what screen I need to replace it. Any info is greatly appreciated, and if someone has one lying around, I'd be happy...
  2. haplain

    Help identifying printer

    I'm not sure if this is an Apple printer or not but I figured someone here might be able to help. Can anyone identify this cover/if it's an Apple printer? I appreciate the help!
  3. haplain

    PowerBook help

    So I'm working on a very special powerbook and need some help... the motherboard has the PowerBook 165/180 style CPU connector (larger than the PowerBook 170 style). The issue is the inverter board. The board on top is the one I need to use with the PowerBook's motherboard for the connector but...
  4. haplain

    Lisa Keyboard Pads

    Found this on eBay. Seems like a really good price. I've seen people trying to sell them for $3.00 a pop...
  5. haplain

    Lisa HD Question

    I've been trying to determine how many MB's the HD inside my Lisa is... the only indication I have for anything is the number of blocks. Is that how one tells what the internal HD size is? 
  6. haplain

    ANS 500/132 help

    Got the ANS from eBay. It doesn't work, which is how it was described. I suspect it might be the PSU but have a few questions. Do they keys being in a certain position/lock engaged a certain way stop the unit from working/not work? Anything helps and thanks. 
  7. haplain


    Any ever seen one of these or know what's up with it? Seems cool.
  8. haplain

    haplain's never-ending quest

    At the request of many from this site here's the transparent prototypes hanging out...
  9. haplain

    Prototype PowerBook 140 (Clear)

    Picked it up from the engineer who built it last night... Best part is, unlike most of these prototypes I buy, this one works! Need a new battery but off the charger she's working like a charm.
  10. haplain

    TAM OS 7.6.1

    I've got my TAM back up and running again. I have 2 partitions, 1 for 9.1 and 1 for 7.6.1. I want the 7.6.1 to show how the TAM came stock. I've got 7.6.1 burned to a CD and have installed the OS onto the partition. When I start the machine on the 7.6.1. side it says the machine is not...
  11. haplain

    My mini Apple Store museum

    It's been a long time coming but I finally have my mini Apple store, tribute museum built. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Yes, I do have issues, not enough space! On Walls: Original Apple PowerMac G4 Cube Banner hung at release of G4 Cube at Apple Store...
  12. haplain

    Prototype Lisa 2

    Just snagged this for the collection.
  13. haplain

    NeXT Development Board

    Anyone ever seen this or know what it is?
  14. haplain

    M5120 Backlit Accessory Kit driver software

    I'm in desperate need of the driver for a Macintosh Portable M5120 backlight accessory kit. The HD the Portable had I believe died. It's a Quantum ProDrive ELS which I'm told are notorious for that. I'm in the process of doing everything I can to recover the driver from the dying/dead HD but...
  15. haplain

    How to unbox a NeXT Cube 25 years later

    The title says it all
  16. haplain

    I've completed the set

    Here's a fully complete set for a Newton 110. Matching serial numbers through and through.
  17. haplain

    Ultimate Mac Portable Collection

    Here are some photos of my Mac Portables. Both have all the original components and are 100% complete. The units have upgraded RAM, modems (one prototype), all disks, manuals, cases, extended keyboard, and even this Mac Portable Battery Recharging unit that I have never seen. Does anyone else...
  18. haplain

    M5126 Extensions

    I picked up this Mac Portable and have seen a few loaded with different software etc but NEVER seen one like this. Can anyone shed some light on what these extensions might be, what or how that image of the portable has been added on boot or anything in general? This M5126 is also some kind of...
  19. haplain

    Steve Job's Personal Apple IIe

    That's right folks. I am the proud owner of Mr. Steven Job's personal Apple IIe. Here's the backstory: I found it in a dumpster outside his mansion before it was torn down (The Jackling Mansion), as well as a few other odds and ends. Very unique stuff, property deeds, letters to Steve, old...
  20. haplain

    My new Lisa

    I've wanted a Lisa for so long now but yesterday I finally made it happen. I picked one up for $150 down the street. It came with Lisa, keyboard, mouse, and power chord. The computer also came with a RAM upgrade from Apple. Everything is there I/O Board, RAM, etc. I'm in the process of...