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  1. jdlanza

    Sorbet Leopard Install Problems

    @beachycove has the right approach to this! I struggled with the "official" process. CCC 3.4.7 (the version Macintosh Garden links to for use in the process) wouldn't mount the disk image downloaded from MG's site. I checked the DMG with Disk Utility and it was not corrupt. In my case I did...
  2. jdlanza

    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    @cheesestraws, please put me down for two!
  3. jdlanza

    Recommendations for SCSI disk recovery software

    I have a number of old SCSI drives that I would like to try to revive, if only to capture the apps before trashing the drives for good. Anyone have recommendations for good tools to use? Thanks!
  4. jdlanza

    Apple external HD enclosure : what’s it worth?

    Curious to know what the group thinks is the value of an original Apple SCSI HD enclosure, without a disk. To be clear, I don’t have one that I want to sell, I’m simply curious to know what the “market price” should be. Thanks! johnl
  5. jdlanza

    iBook A1185 Battery rebuild

    Looking for thoughts on whether it is worth rebuilding the battery for an white iBook versus simply buying a replacement battery.  I've looked at several resources that show that the battery comprises six foil-encased square batteries, but nowhere have I found specifications for those cells, so...
  6. jdlanza

    3D Printed Mac Mini stands?

    Group: I'm aware of some very slick plastic stands for the new Mac Minis that allow them to be deployed vertically, but I can't find any for the old Mac Minis, which are thicker.  Anyone out there ever put something like that together?  I have a small farm of PPC and Core Duo Minis that I would...
  7. jdlanza

    TAM audio crosstalk

    Curious to hear if anyone else has seen this problem before.  My TAM will happily hum along and then static will begin to build up until there is a constant audio hum with crackling static.  Sounds like the kind of static and audio hum one gets when a ground wire is floating in an audio system...
  8. jdlanza

    Feedback on this item?

    Curious to hear the group's though on this LC575 Board I found on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Performa-LC-575-Mystic-Color-Classic-Logic-Board-RECAPPED-w-Rear-Cover/124525365318?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I have been looking for a 575 board for some...
  9. jdlanza

    TAM screen gone blank

    Hi all - I have a TAM that was working fine until, as these things go, it wasn't.  My PM 6100, PM 7100 and IIsi all reported that the TAM had unceremoniously departed the AppleTalk network.  Restarting the TAM results in the satisfying "bong," but I get nothing on the screen.  It also does not...
  10. jdlanza

    New HDI-45 to DB-15 Converters?

    Found these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Retail-HDI-45-to-DB15-DA15-Apple-Monitor-Programmable-Adapter-Converter/283943104410, while looking for replacement Power Macintosh display converter plugs.  Anyone ever used these?  I'm trying to figure out if these are legit -- thanks!
  11. jdlanza

    Airport cards that support WPA2?

    Has anyone looked into creating Airport cards having the legacy Orinoco Gold form factor but that will support WPA2?  I'm looking to get some old Macs on my wireless network and would like to avoid provisioning a second network just for the legacy devices.  Plus, it would be hella cool...
  12. jdlanza

    7200 damage from EDO RAM?

    I have read (too late) in several places that EDO RAM can damage the motherboard of a 7200.  What I can't find is any information on what is the damage that gets done!  I made the mistake of loading my 7200 with EDO RAM chips, and now I get the breaking glass sound whenever I try to start up. ...
  13. jdlanza

    Color Classic Cap Cwestion (sorry!)

    I am unfamiliar with the construction on the Color Classic mobo.  Getting ready to pull the bad caps off, but I haven’t seen these black bases before (see picture).  Are they part of the cap?  Do they stay on the board?  What the heck are they? johnl
  14. jdlanza

    SSD in Duo 280c?

    Anyone have recommendations for IDE to SATA adaptors that fit in the Duo’s form factor?  I’m recapping a 280c and figure I should take advantage of having it open! Thanks, johnl
  15. jdlanza

    Color Classic Startup Troubleshooting

    Given the state of the board (see below), I don't think it's a cap or goo issue, but then I may not know what it is I am looking for.  Am I missing something obvious? In the meantime, I'll do a search for troubleshooting the egret chip. johnl
  16. jdlanza

    Color Classic Startup Troubleshooting

    Okay, experts, here's what I've got. CC without the mobo installed powers up.  Fans spins, etc. Insert the mobo, and no joy. Left it plugged into power overnight, still no joy. Removed the PRAM battery, still no joy. Inspected the mobo, but I don't see any evidence of damage, cap leakage...
  17. jdlanza

    Color Classic VRAM Sources?

    All: I have a couple of Color Classics that I am refurbing and I'm trying to locate additional VRAM.  It appears to be a 68-pin chip (>100 ns), but I can't find anyone that clearly has them.  Anyone have ideas for sources (or chips that work)? johnl
  18. jdlanza

    Quadra 660av speaker ticking

    I’m working on a Quadra 660av that boots from the CD-ROM, but does not chime at startup.  After boot, the speaker makes a tick, tick, tick noise which speeds up and slows down seemingly at random.  Any thoughts? The ticking may or may not have anything to do with the problems I’m having getting...
  19. jdlanza

    6100 display issues

    All: I have a 6100 that intermittently drives its display on startup.  "Intermittent" means that I get display output about 1 out of every 8 times I start it up.  I'm also noticing that the processor is not hitting the SCSI bus on the times when it does not display.  I get a happy chime, and...
  20. jdlanza

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    I have been refurbishing a couple of PowerMac 6100s and a Quadra 660av.  I've noticed that the fans in those machines are pretty loud (probably because they are pretty old!).  Since I have replaced the hard drives with SCSI2SD devices, and since the CD drives don't see that much action, I'm...