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  1. maceffects

    iMac G3 - Capacitior List?

    I have a 700mhz iMac G3 that I'm looking to see if a capacitor list exists so that I can order and match capacitors.  Can any direct me to where such a list might exist? 
  2. maceffects

    Macintosh TV Logic Board, Analog Board, and Tuner Card - Capacitor List

    Because I was having trouble finding Macintosh TV capacitor lists and lack the fine SMD soldering skills, I had @ymk assist me with the replacements.  He offers recapping services on eBay.  For those that don't know he also created the MacSD which has some really great features that the SCSI2SD...
  3. maceffects

    My first “conquest” post

    So this is my first “conquest” post, though I’ve never really liked the term as it implies a loser is involved in a deal, but I still like the idea of sharing finds. Our very own @ScutBoy hooked me with some awesome gear including ProFile drives. I finally decided to set up my Apple III after...
  4. maceffects

    Mac SE/30 PDS & Power Questions

    As some of you know I'm working with an engineer on making a functional replacement for the Micron Xceed with internal grayscale functionality.  Given the increased BOM for FPGA/DAC I decided that I would go with a SoM to allow the project to be open-source and software guys can make use of the...
  5. maceffects

    SCSI to IDE Adapter

    I recently purchased a 50pin SCSI to IDE adapter from eBay.  It appears to have sound connectors to even allow optical drives to function.  My question (to the experts), does it appear that these chips are off the shelf stuff?  In other words, if I sent it out for reverse engineering could...
  6. maceffects

    SCSI2SD Issues

    So I bought 5 SCSI2SD boards and have had major issues getting them to work.  I am trying on 3 different SE/30 machines.  I followed the instructions on how to flash it to work with Macs, but when installed in an SE/30 it doesn't show up (using Apple Drive software and Lido).  They do sometimes...
  7. maceffects

    Major Setback!

    I'm going to be attending VCF Mid-west and since my last board I sent out for recapping appears to be stolen, I found someone else to recap my last SE/30 board so I would at least have one for the show to display my new case...  Well, I got it back and here is what is on the screen.  Any help...
  8. maceffects

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    So I finally managed to obtain a Micron xceed with the Grayscale adapter, it set me back $1000 which I considered a bargain compared to the one that sold on the Bay for $2000+.  My question is, is the card plug and play or are drivers needed before installing?  If required, what version (if...
  9. maceffects

    Help Identifying Mystery LC PDS Video Card

    I ordered an LC with what I assumed was a co-processor card from a birds eye photo.  However, once I got it, it appears to be a video card.  The only marking is on the main chip but Googling the sticker revealed nothing.  It is a DB-9 style monitor connector and has 4 hm53461zp-12 video memory...
  10. maceffects

    Assimilation Trackball & Keypad Manual (Requested)

    3 people have asked for a copy of the manual I have for the Assimilation Trackball & Keypad model: AP07055.  Below you will find the manual photos (sorry scanner is broke).  Please keep post for reference. 
  11. maceffects

    Strange SE/30 Card

    I starting going through some of the many SE/30s I ordered for fitment testing today (finally).  And discovered a strange card that had Ethernet and color monitor connector.  I opened it up and it’s a Radius 030 Pivit Color Card, lacking extra memory (worth maxing out?).  But it has a card below...
  12. maceffects

    MiniScribe arrive Lubrication Method

    I recall there being some method by which the MiniScribe drives can be lubricated and functional.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the procedure.  Does anyone happen to know the process or have a link to instructions?
  13. maceffects

    Custom ROM for SE FDHD?

    Has anyone ever made a custom ROM for the SE FDHD?  Particularly to allow use of the PC 5.25 card Apple had (apparently only works with 800k ROM). 
  14. maceffects

    Is there a good spot to hook up 12v on SE/30

    For a case project I am working on, I am looking for a good spot to plug in some LED strip lights which are 12v DC, is there a good spot on the SE/30 to hook up for this purpose?
  15. maceffects

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    I just found and bought an Orange Micro OrangePC NuBus 66mhz card, the seller says it looks like the 220 version but since it only has PCMICA card slots and no external connectors, I would assume it is actually just a 200. Anyway, long story short, I am trying to figure out what...
  16. maceffects

    Best Power Supply for LC (Astec, TDK, Dyna)

    I am looking to buy a power supply, which is the best.  I've heard bad things about TDK, but what about the others?
  17. maceffects

    My Pride and Joy Conquest - Complete

    I have finally completed my collection for the NEW OLD STOCK PowerMac G4 MDD.  This machine is special because it runs Mac OS 10.5.8 and Mac OS 9.2.2 natively.  I purchased all items separate and everything (including upgrades) was purchased NEW within the last 2 years.  1) PowerMac MDD 1.25ghz...
  18. maceffects

    Hard Disk Indicator LED Pigtail

    I have a Mac SE with a CF Aztecmonster drive, it has a connector for an LED indicator light, but it is not the same as the SE, but I would like to use the indicator light on the SE.  Willing to pay fair if you have the the connector and pigtail like the one in the picture. 
  19. maceffects

    PowerBook Duo Power Supply Compatibility

    I just acquired 30 PowerBook Duo series machines, but only have 1 Duo Power supply. I know a lot of the power supplies should interchange, but I wanted to confirm that the yo-yo M7332 45 watt units will work on the Duo series. I already have a lot of NOS yo-yo adapters.
  20. maceffects

    Brand New Performa

    I just bought a brand new in box Performa 6116cd, it as $450 but it was so close to my first Mac I had to buy it. I opened it up and it didn't get video (needs new PRAM battery). Here is a picture of the machine unboxed for the first time in 20 years!