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    performa 6360 cache

    well livingroom as far as I know the 6360 is very likely same L2 options as the 5400/6400 due to sharing similar alchemy boards. the 6400 zone website may be able to give you some further tips
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    bit pad plus tablets?

    just curious if anyone had heard of the company before? I know its not wacom not to mention less of that I wonder if it can equally operate 'native' in 1:1 mode without needing to install anything extra too but still (I'm not worried about if this one doesn't have extension-adding pressure...
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    Has anyone gotten a firewire card working on a Beige G3 running 8.6?

    just as a footnote I was curious and tried a quick web search which somehow not surprisingly led to a bunch of pdf's..but anyhow..just to rehash three plausible leads that I found in my 'lazy research'.. "siig 1394 pci adapter" @ pdf mentions ohci 1.1 & macos 8.6 or later and should be used...
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    Are Apple CPU cards compatible across all PCI power Mac models?

    I don't have any cites to back up this as much I know I had been saving some motorola&ibm technical pdf's somewhere but anyway I'll just reference to that the mackido website suggests that there were two lines of 601 itself. the 601 at 50-80mhz rated to 3.6v/7-8w or the 601v at 100-120mhz rated...
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    unknown 'fat'-chipped module?

    ah now I see. had not quite realized the physical slot changed a few times (compared to that ram is just either 72 or 168 in a manner speaking) and as for the 'other side' its an exact mirror of what you see in photo except for the white label itself. so I'm going to assume that this means its...
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    unknown 'fat'-chipped module?

    above one is a L2 card I had handy and the below one is the unknown one in question. and as you can see whichever way you try flip it the unknown one clearly is not for L2 slot (I really doubt its any kind of rom card..or could I be wrong..hmm..)
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    certain positive identification of powerbook ram card?..

    right thanks for reminding me cheesestraws :)
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    unknown 'fat'-chipped module?

    mos8_030 mm..well..unless theres two different kind of L2 slots physically I'm not so certain about that suggestion you know? sorry, thanks still
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    unknown 'fat'-chipped module?

    I realized it seem a bit odd for a ram (beside it doesn't match up with the one sdram dimm I still have on hand) and the notches doesn't match up to the L2 caches I still have to test someday either so... it has eight of these fat chips (4 per side) in name of: motorola MCM62940BFN14 NQQY J9438...
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    certain positive identification of powerbook ram card?..

    so I have a 1993/1994 silk-dated apple 820-0455-A populated only on one side (other than for the 70-pin connector header on other side) and just for further confirmation it has eight of these nec D42S4800G5 -70-7JD chips, so question is is this the 8mb variation of a 8mb/16mb card option for...
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    A sad Craigslist story ended with a happy plot twist!

    huxley, interesting save indeed. and funny to mention etherlink as I had noticed an auction for an etherlink/nubus earlier this morning
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    internal zip drive's own bezel...

    wondering if its just me who thinks of this but mm yeah I'm not sure if I'm inclined enough to try do bezel painting so hence wondering about buying a black zip drive before the listing finally expires (and switch a 'different model' beige bezel onto it)
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    internal zip drive's own bezel...

    although I had looked at different photos occassionally for awhile I thought it might be decent to ask actual owners of them drives too nevertheless... are the factory bezels for the internal drives identical minus the raised text [on lower-left] or did iomega actually use a different mold...
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    apple onescanner? (not the x00 titled ones)

    thanks johnny, and as both of us agreed on in private its an interesting idea but not really worth doing indeed after all
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    apple onescanner? (not the x00 titled ones)

    were the 'onescanner' and 'color onescanner' just slight different board/sensor gut or the two didn't really share many of the same 'build up' parts? I mean I'm not implying that idea on purpose but I was curious about if one was to take a non-color one and transplant enough over from a color...
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    a silly question on cd>mo drive swap

    I presume that for most part it probably isn't difficult to swap a cdrom drive for a 5.25" magneto drive just like that? the media opening seem similar to me as far as 'drives sitting bare on photo board' web look goes but I know that theres also the matter of the macintosh bezels themselves...
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    Possibly a prototype Power Mac 4400

    sorry to go a bit further on the offtopic side here; jessenator I always did wonder a bit about regarding the 2pci+comm versus 3pci risers but only can hazily guess that it might be due to isdn having been a lot more popular around europe than north america since I've only seen isdn cards for...
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    Apple Personal LaserWriter NT Restore + Questions

    johnnya well I don't have any other cites to verify this but wikipedia states it is indeed canon; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Apple_printers#Laser_printer_series and as an interesting footnote also the laserwriter article itself quotes "The LaserWriter used the same Canon CX printing...
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    external bridge for localtalk to usb/unix?

    njroadfan good point there but then quite a number of setups would need a second bridge in name of rs232-usb so I dunno if its just easier to simply have a single localtalk-usb bridge in the first concept instead. I mean just for laptop examples, the T40 quotes "Note: There is no Serial or PS/2...
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    external bridge for localtalk to usb/unix?

    while realizing that when I said 'network' I had meant ethernet but since localtalk was mentioned in the thread nevertheless (re stylewriters in the network category of forum) it got me to start thinking a bit about this... given that you have open access to low-level io relatively speaking and...