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    PowerBook Duo 230 - did I kill it?

    Hi! I have a PowerBook 230 with two power bricks. Last time I turned it on was half a year ago, just to see if it still worked before I trying to sell it locally. Then the condition was unchanged from before I put it in storage: all ok, but some flickering on the screen and vertical lines...
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    Apple Adjustable Keyboard

    Hi, I’m trying to get my Adjustable Keyboard to work. Apart from the usual flakey keys, the separate Nummeric pad isn’t working. I’ve only found one set old instal disks for the keyboard on Macintosh Garden, but it will not install on my system. I’m running a Colour Classic Takky (6500...
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    Colour Classic - Mystic - black screen

    HI! I’m new here!  Well, I might have been a member 20-16 years ago - that was when I collected and played with old Macs. But as always wife, kids, work, life and divorce got in the way. After cleaning the attic I found most of the old toys I had forgotten about. There among two Colour...