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  1. Danamania

    Any known caveats with a IIsi?

    A IIsi resto is my current project, and it's up and running happily - I recapped its PSU last weekend, which went a lot quicker than expected (I haven't done many recaps, and it was a horrid mess beforehand). It was all through-hole except for the daughterboard SMD caps, which were just a little...
  2. Danamania

    I will be recieving a new (to me) PowerMac 7300/200. How do I turn it on?

    This should help with the how to open, pointing to the latch Cory is referring to, also the 'foot' which is just a thin black plastic piece that slips into a supporting position when opened fully, but needs to be manually released or it'll just snap when you try to fold the drive bay parts down!
  3. Danamania

    68060 in Mac

    Going back a long long way, but there were posts in the early 2000s of 060 to 040 adaptors working in only one model. One of the last 68ks, the LC/Quadra/Performa 630 series which was supposed to fire up OK with an 060, at least to the point of booting.
  4. Danamania

    A friendly reminder that MacTCP performance is godawful - OpenTransport is nearly 3x faster

    fwiw, OT1.3 brings similar improvements to at least as far back as 7.1, too.
  5. Danamania

    NUBUS Card Identification

    It's not the same card, but it gives me REALLY strong avid vibes, like this one that came with my Q950. https://www.applefritter.com/node/2157 Edit: actually the main part of the card DOES look the same, but with a different end on it. All the visible components in the same spot.
  6. Danamania

    Mac Plus internal SCSI: noninvasive edition

    This is excellent and I approve.
  7. Danamania

    PowerBook 540c screen problems

    giving the clutch cover a gentle press about an inch or two to the right of the mic hole below the screen can sometimes help. There's a connector right underneath there that can loosen. Been a while, so I forget precisely what the symptom of that one is, but it's a just few seconds to check...
  8. Danamania

    LC475 / Power Macintosh 8200 / Performa 630

    I dunno, that's all changeable anyway  :)  
  9. Danamania

    Powerbook 500 with 167MHz PPC603ev

    Missed this one! sorry for the late reply. Ankylosaur is my Synology NAS. It supports connections from System 7 quite happily - that's my custom icon for it.  
  10. Danamania

    Help transferring programs to Mac from Linux - how to make executable

    uncompressing on Linux will lose the forked status of the files and only recompress part, unfortunately - and that destroys executables. Do you have an OSX machine you can unzip your zip file on instead? that'll preserve forks - I just tested your file and it worked - then transferred the file...
  11. Danamania

    LC475 / Power Macintosh 8200 / Performa 630

    Your photo of the 8200's PSU looks like it could be the photo of my Q840AV's PSU. I turned it on one evening while a friend was visiting, and it was acting a bit wacky. Shut down the 840, and went to bed. In the middle of the night the PSU let out this godawful loud *crack* and stank up the...
  12. Danamania

    Picked up another AEKII in mint condition, but this one's really difficult to type on.

    It's like I just can't hit the right keys while using it.
  13. Danamania

    Super FKEY Pro

    Yeah, I mentioned it on IRC only I think, and not too long ago.  The Quadra 605 I did back then had the yellowing come back over a few months to similar yellowing as its feet - I figured it was a failed attempt, an experiment that showed UV worked temporarily but not long term. I pulled the...
  14. Danamania

    Powerbook 500 with 167MHz PPC603ev

    A few pics of my latest - a powerbook 500 with Newer Technology PPC603ev at 167MHz, 24MB RAM, Active matrix colour display and 500MB HD (probably soon to be replaced with SSD).
  15. Danamania

    AppleDesign Powered Speakers as part of my further attempts to retro-fy my main mac.

    Now it's iMac from 2016, speakers from 1993, keyboard from 1991, desk from 1982 and walls & window from 1860something. It's almost like it all belongs.
  16. Danamania

    Drivers for LapisColor LC2421 LCPDS graphics card

    A convo in IRC has reminded me this card exists (and that I have one) - it was built by Focus Enhancements in 1994, and is a 3MB graphics card for LCPDS and LC-Compatible PDS slot Macs. Gives 1152x870 resolution with bucketloads of colours,  I've never been able to find a driver that works with...
  17. Danamania

    Original-look iomega zip disk OS installers.

    Perhaps not so useful or reliable at the time, but putting fresh installs with installer images of the old OSs on zip disks (or other removable storage) when you have a couple hundred zip disks and a bunch of drives laying around is *really* convenient. Working in print helps too, to give it a...
  18. Danamania

    Brainfade moment - what's this benchmark app?

    I used to use it plenty, but the name has completely vacated my memory:
  19. Danamania

    Colour Classic brought back from the dead.

    This was an interesting one. When it arrived years back, it had a slight issue with a flickering image that'd drop the green out from time to time. I stored it after moving house, and earlier this year brought it out to play with. Dead as a doornail. Boo. After a few days of gentle watching...
  20. Danamania

    For posterity

    Before it's sold: http://www.danaquarium.com/tmp/genecpu.jpg Wicked. Thanks to defor for giving me the kick to fix it :) Dana