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  1. Danamania

    Picked up another AEKII in mint condition, but this one's really difficult to type on.

    It's like I just can't hit the right keys while using it.
  2. Danamania

    Powerbook 500 with 167MHz PPC603ev

    A few pics of my latest - a powerbook 500 with Newer Technology PPC603ev at 167MHz, 24MB RAM, Active matrix colour display and 500MB HD (probably soon to be replaced with SSD).
  3. Danamania

    AppleDesign Powered Speakers as part of my further attempts to retro-fy my main mac.

    Now it's iMac from 2016, speakers from 1993, keyboard from 1991, desk from 1982 and walls & window from 1860something. It's almost like it all belongs.
  4. Danamania

    Drivers for LapisColor LC2421 LCPDS graphics card

    A convo in IRC has reminded me this card exists (and that I have one) - it was built by Focus Enhancements in 1994, and is a 3MB graphics card for LCPDS and LC-Compatible PDS slot Macs. Gives 1152x870 resolution with bucketloads of colours,  I've never been able to find a driver that works with...
  5. Danamania

    Original-look iomega zip disk OS installers.

    Perhaps not so useful or reliable at the time, but putting fresh installs with installer images of the old OSs on zip disks (or other removable storage) when you have a couple hundred zip disks and a bunch of drives laying around is *really* convenient. Working in print helps too, to give it a...
  6. Danamania

    Brainfade moment - what's this benchmark app?

    I used to use it plenty, but the name has completely vacated my memory:
  7. Danamania

    Colour Classic brought back from the dead.

    This was an interesting one. When it arrived years back, it had a slight issue with a flickering image that'd drop the green out from time to time. I stored it after moving house, and earlier this year brought it out to play with. Dead as a doornail. Boo. After a few days of gentle watching...
  8. Danamania

    For posterity

    Before it's sold: http://www.danaquarium.com/tmp/genecpu.jpg Wicked. Thanks to defor for giving me the kick to fix it :) Dana
  9. Danamania

    Amiga 600 - $2

    I've been after a 2.5" ATA Amiga for years - found this little Amiga 600 in grotty condition and grabbed it seconds after seeing it. I figured $10.. maybe $20... The dear old chook took one look, sneered at its filth and said "ick... two dollars" Done! Now to see if the ten year old HD from my...
  10. Danamania

    One little addition to the family - G4/400

    More a donation than a conquest, a pretty standard G4/400 AGP, my big sis's old tower. 20MB HD, 256MB RAM, SCSI, ZIP drive, modem, DVD ROM drive and an Ati graphics card. It's immaculately clean & shiny!. Dana
  11. Danamania

    A trade for in-home tech support.

    A little addition to the family - a trade for some in-home mac support fixing an iMac with some 10.3/Safari/Mail problems. Once that was up, I was given... A 7500/100, 48MB RAM and 1GB HD 14" Apple Color Display Netcomm 14.4k modem (!) - it's cute :) aaaaaand A Personal LaserWriter 300...
  12. Danamania

    Apple switching back to PowerPC CPUs

    Alright, that's a bit of a lie, but they *are* buying PPC designer, PA Semi. http://www.forbes.com/technology/2008/04/23/apple-buys-pasemi-tech-ebiz-cz_eb_0422apple.html Dana
  13. Danamania

    My new favourite 68k

    Just throwing a few things around, while I had a Q630 out and playing, and I think I found my new favourite 68k :) . A 630 with 630DOS logic board, overclocked (40MHz) full 040, comm slot ethernet, Lapis 3MB LCPDS video card for dual monitors, 148MB RAM, 10GB HD and SCSI CDR, running 8.1...
  14. Danamania

    Quadra 605 RAM

    Ahhhhhh finally :) http://www.danamania.com/tmp/605_ram.jpg Dana (thanks to Samantha for the pair of 128MB simms!)
  15. Danamania

    A Wallstreet Resurrection

    Last month, a few Wallstreets came my way, one of which was dead, with a display that sometimes worked, sometimes flickered weird pixels all over the place, and had a completely nonfunctional backlight. After a bit of a pull-apart, which is the thing to do in such situations :) , I find the...
  16. Danamania

    Powerbooks out the wazoo.

    Goodness - what a day, and what a surrounded-by-stuff moment I'm having. A few boxes from friends came within hours of one another, and I'm surrounded with more Bits than I know what to do with. Some duplicates, some spares, some new interesting stuff I haven't had before. Wallstreet I 13"...
  17. Danamania

    Powerbook 100 & Powerbook 150 feet

    For anyone who has both a powerbook 100 and powerbook 150 with their original feet - are the rear feet both interchangeable (ie mechanically swappable between the two machines) *AND* physically the same to look at? In pictures they look quite similar, but I need to know if they're the same. I...
  18. Danamania

    Favourite app, utility, control panel or extension.

    Out of all the apps that you can run on a 68k, what's your favourite? It doesn't have to be something big like Photoshop (though that's mine), it might just be a small utility you find phenomenally useful and perfectly crafted... or anything in between. Doesn't have to be popular, or even able...